In my opinion the final loan and paperwork I’d from them was a student in 2011/12 so about 9 years back

In my opinion the final loan and paperwork I’d from them was a student in 2011/12 so about 9 years back

Among the many instances from November ended up being designated in March, and is a little bit of a faff (established the other day) because Safetynet credit score rating at first would not accept her adjudication (this is related to their last) together with more had been assigned in April, and settled in May

Is this too much time ago doing things today? I simply believe it is puzzling they will have no information and cannot pick any such thing despite resource rates and full personal details that We supplied.

If they don’t have the information (because they have actually cleaned it) therefore do not , then there’s small that you can do 🙁

Oh well never mind 🙁 desire others do have more chance with this lender who consistently exchange (hopefully with best procedures than they utilized before). Cheers so much your facts Sara.

Hello sorry to jump in! I had this with black colored pony, We advised all of them basically nevertheless due them revenue they’d discover myself. I put it on paper and mentioned that once more and instantly they located me personally! test that before you decide to throw in the towel as I was successful in my own state!

a€?Your situation is currently in a queue would love to feel assessed by an adjudicator therefore we’ll get ready to offer all of our answer if we’ve regarded as the information that individuals have actually in the circumstances.a€??

We have two instances lodged together with the Ombudsman. The very first presented and approved in Nov 2020 as well as the second one in Jan 2021. Although i’ve spoken for them acquire posts via mail neither for the cases have been assigned to an officer but. I really don’t if they gauge the necessity of problems and designate correctly but I became at first advised it will be 4 several months as a result of delays but my earliest situation might wishing over 7 months while the second one virtually 6. These include obviously extremely active today.

I devote two instances in November, and an independent criticism, about one of the first lenders I happened to be generating an affordability issue, in January. The January one is allocated and dealt with initially. Generally there does not manage a lot of rhyme and reasons, within my particular case, by what becomes found when.

I was thinking they would need those facts and made use of their excellent template letter to inquire about for any loan information while I contacted them but all We gotten had been the a€?brush off’ page (double)

We set another in the other day, and will be performing another next week: Im anticipating both not to getting dealt with until some time next season, based on everything I’ve viewed to date, and I also learn they will have a giant backlog at this time additionally.

  • My collector mentioned I needed to evolve several things back at my program usually it cann’t end up being accepted.

You most likely won’t get a refund back once again of all of the interest your paid… but inquire about a reimbursement on all debts and let the Ombudsman decide about where your loans turned expensive.

I am just uncertain if I in the morning most useful taking the deal or if perhaps i will take it into monetary ombudsman. Up untill now my circumstances hadn’t changed thus I’m uncertain the reason why another financial loans have not been upheld if my personal conditions are just like those who are.

CLC didn’t agree with the adjudicator so now waiting for an Ombudsmans decision. My personal adjudicator contacted me a week ago permitting myself discover my personal situation has now come allocated to an ombudsman. Ideally shortly now let’s talk about the outcome.

I understand you simply won’t need this advice, in case you may get the expensive diamonds back once again, how about selling all of them and clearing many the debt?

No sadly You will findn’t, exactly the account guide amounts and some older emails with a balance on whenever debts comprise effective. I did so offer every little thing I thought they will have to locate my membership with them but it’s like it never ever existed in accordance with them.

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