The guy informed me „Son- You’re children, but do not pay attention to someone else

The guy informed me „Son- You’re children, but do not pay attention to someone else

Regarding the central elizabeth Timsok.(After the top of Partisans) The guy understood my dad well. You should never procrastinate. Wade eastern.” Therefore that is what we did. We wanted to come to Pleshnitz, which was on the reverse side of your own dated Polish-Russian edging. The difficulty there can be full chaos. That nights, just people that have been former Soviet individuals were permitted to wade eastern. The rest was purchased to show straight back.

John Markman 1909 46 dos

I obtained a quick message; GTCTC: Hello.. head a great intrusion ?? GTCTC: I gotten an excellent email regarding alpert title away from you ?? EilatGordn: Could you be indeed there? GTCTC: sure i discovered new naturalization documentation back at my pops . and so i know essentially when he arrived EilatGordn: when performed it showed up? GTCTC: october 18 1898 EilatGordn: Where can be your Alpert regarding?

GTCTC: elia russia EilatGordn: Exploit try off nearby Kurenets EilatGordn: are there most other past brands out-of Ilia? GTCTC: they age through hamburg Germany EilatGordn: Do you know in the event the most other household members where inside Ilia within the Holocaust? EilatGordn: I have the latest Yizkor publication getting Ilia GTCTC: dont see

GTCTC: i know one my personal grandfather and his cousin and you may mom and you can i think their sister appeared more in 1898 and his awesome dad came a couple of years earlier GTCTC: yes-and-no on what papers we research,, 1920 census states they was available in 1904 however, on the naturalzation it states 1898 EilatGordn: Do you have people household members during the Israel regarding Ilia side? GTCTC: cannot know ,, i already been my personal browse merely 6 months in the past ,, very little friends real time that knows things EilatGordn: in which could you be? GTCTC: florida EilatGordn: i am when you look at the L.A beneficial. and is six;26 was right here GTCTC: I’m sure my high grandfathers name is Samuel. His fathers’ name was Abraham. Subj: „they elizabeth from altuch ” Date: 5/ 4: PM Pacific Daylight Time Out of: EilatGordn So you’re able to: GTCTC

You wrote. it elizabeth of altuch On selection of the fresh perished in the Ilia within the holocaust; Altuch Mendel, Sara Lea, Michael,Hoda, Rivka and you may Leibe.

Ceite Markman Brest Litowsk, Russia 1913 19 Brest Litowsk 20

Many thanks for the latest EIDB Alpert Number. Oddly enough the fresh Alpert’s was basically among the many merely family members We managed to generate a great instantaneous attacks towards the, regarding EIDB. Samuel Alpert (1894, many years 20)and you will Rose Alpert (1897, decades 18) out-of Volkovisk is my personal dad with his sister. The brand new dates out-of coming fits my personal GF’s naturalization records, plus the area and you will ages match Rose Alpert. I am thinking of getting the original manifests to double-check.

Name out of Traveler Home Showed up Ages with the Arrival 1. Mrs. Abe Markman Vasloi 1900 thirty-six 3. Alan Markman London area 1902 45 4. Alwine Markman 1894 19 5. Ane Markman London area 1904 18 6. Anna Markman 1908 seven. Anna Markman 1916 thirty two 8. Aron Markman Warshaw, Warshaw 1909 0 9. Aron Markman 1913 37 10. Auguste Markman 1894 59 11. Barnett Markman Exter, England 1909 39 twelve. Basie Markman Nemerow, Russia 1907 46 thirteen. Bazrewz Markman Danilowicz, Poland 1921 55 Danilowicz, fourteen. Beila Markman Rejina, Roumania 1921 34 fifteen. Beila Markman Konsti, Poland 1923 51 sixteen. Bennett Markman Minsk 1904 thirty two Minsk 17. Berko Markman Lepel, Witebsk 1908 40 Lepel 18. Bike Markman 1902 a dozen 19.

Chaie Markman Warshaw, Warshaw 1909 eight 21. Chaie Dwoire Markman Bialostok 1905 twenty-eight 22. Chaie Lore Markman Dalhinef, Gouv. Wilno, Russ. Chaie Reisel Markman Brest Litowsk, Russia 1913 forty-two Brest Litowsk, twenty-four. Chaja Markman Glembokie, Wilna, Poland 1921 29 Globoki twenty-five. Chaja-Fejga Markman Wilno, Poland 1922 61 Vilna twenty-six. Chaje Markman Dokschitz, Russia 1912 15 Dokshitz twenty seven. Chana Markman Stanlinkewicz, Russia 1912 16 28. Chaoc Markman London 1904 19 29. Charles Markman Letter. Y. C. Charles Markman New york 1915 53 30. Chasia Markman Zydowska, Poland 1921 0 thirty-two. Chazkel Markman Minsk, Russia 1907 twenty-five 33. David Markman London area 1904 22 34. Dwain Markman Gluboka, Russia 1907 20 Gluboki thirty five. Dyna Markman Dokszyce, Poland 1921 55 Dokshitz thirty-six. Ela Markman Malin, Russ. Eli. Markman Rejina, Roumania 1921 eleven 38.

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