The writer states one Riza features wider arms away from this lady army training and flared pelvis appropriate for the woman age

The writer states one Riza features wider arms away from this lady army training and flared pelvis appropriate for the woman age

Riza Hawkeye (????????, Riza Hokuai) is actually an effective lieutenant in the Amestrian State Armed forces plus the private adjutant and you can bodyguard from Colonel Roy Mustang. A great sharpshooter and you will firearms professional, Lt. Hawkeye is a very important investment to your Colonel both in work environment as well as on the brand new battleground and you may serves as their closest and more than supporting using.


Riza Hawkeye try a woman within her middle-to-late twenties with an averagely muscular and you may curvaceous create, blond locks you to definitely is at the center of their as well as brownish vision.

When you find yourself this lady has been proven to wear the girl hair down, on the job Riza wears they tied upwards from the back with a clip barrette within the a layout one is comparable to a beneficial bird tail. Her fucks fall-in an effective hawk’s wing pattern away from directly to remaining, periodically partly obscuring their kept attention. Even though she got used the lady tresses small in her young people and you will while in the the lady period for the Ishval, she began letting it build in 1910 immediately following are familiar with having Winry Rockbell. Each one of her ears was pierced that have a silver stud and you will, whilst in disguise, Riza has been recognized to wear faux cups. Riza seem to wears a black colored, short-sleeved turtleneck lower than this lady army uniform and frequently while in casual skirt too. Regardless of if Riza possess noted (for the Primary Manual 2) one dresses restriction path as they are maybe not anticipate when you look at the a good armed forces office, whilst in civil clothing, Riza is generally found in enough time dresses and you can shoes.

In the manga and you will 2009 anime, this lady has a massive and you will elaborate tattoo which takes care of very the lady straight back that have large components of it completely blurry because of the burn markings. She constantly wears clothes fitted to cover-up the fresh tattoo.


Riza was a peaceful, obtained lady, that have a life threatening but polite temperament. Hawkeye was seen because of the the lady peers due to the fact model of a prime soldier; purely disciplined and also rational, she rarely calms whenever practical which can be usually tasked that have keeping their associates on course. Even when on exterior she may appear strict, strict, plus a sugar daddies Iowa small suggest, Hawkeye is not as cooler and you can distant given that she may appear. Those individuals next to this lady remember that there clearly was even more to this lady than this lady no-rubbish thoughts; underneath the lady professional spirits is a type spirit exactly who knows the new problem off carrying a heavy load.

Riza’s mellow front side renders alone identified due to the woman affairs that have more youthful letters, like the Elric brothers and Winry Rockbell , and it isn’t really strange observe this lady performing sweetly towards the woman pets Shiba Inu,

It can be inferred that Riza and altered across the years; in her teenagers, she did actually have been alternatively shy and idealistic about the world in particular. Broadening up during the her father’s house, she most likely experienced a protected version of young people. Just after joining new military, the woman experiences from inside the Ishval missing this lady younger idealism and you may transformed the woman into almost stoic Lieutenant Hawkeye. Hawkeye exists on combat with a tremendous have a tendency to, sufficiently strong so you can neck the brand new heavy guilt she willingly holds, and you can spends this determination to stand alongside and you will support Mustang regarding the dreams one generations to come will stay clear of the fresh horrors from something similar to Ishval. Reticent, she cannot speak unnecessarily otherwise share the lady thoughts usually due to terms, however, reveals the lady most of their viewpoint thanks to nonverbal correspondence, that have trademark clear looks and you can rare, simple smiles.

Their profile shows a mixture anywhere between good punished lady looking redemption she seems is inaccessible, and a resigned desired from earlier mistakes in addition to their effects. Hawkeye finds out out of Ishval to simply accept requirements on her methods herself, unlike placing fault or load into the some other. She decides she must sacrifice her own glee and you will spirits and you can always dirty their hands having bloodstream as the an effective soldier within the acquisition to carry peace to the people. Despite the psychological dilemmas for the up against the girl errors, she learns to school by herself along with her emotions just like the individual struggles, grooming off the concern regarding someone else, always results grief or physical aches which have a firm top lip.

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