Abide by Her Rules Meaning

Most members use the translations while listening and reading the lesson. If you come across a word you don`t understand, you don`t need to press Pause to find out what it means; you can simply hover your mouse over the selected word. This way, you can learn the definition of the word without having to press Pause on the audio. Accepting a rule or acting on a recommendation means sticking to it. When a judge makes a decision, you must comply with their decision. If your parents set a curfew, you`ll be in trouble if you don`t stick to it. This expression comes from the verb to stay, which today means „to tolerate”, although it originally meant „to wait”, from a root that means „to stay, to wait or to dwell”. They promised to abide by the rules of the competition. Sticking to something can mean waiting for something to happen. It can also mean doing something without questioning it, such as following or following rules.

Sticking together can also mean tolerating something unpleasant or something you disagree with. The Old English word abidan, from which the word abide originates, means to wait or to stay. In addition, bidan means to offer time or linger. These words were used before the 1200s. When you stick to something, you follow or stick to a rule. If you don`t follow the rules at school, you can be in the principal`s office. You don`t have to like the rules, but you have to stick to them. It is a tool in the toolbox of all parents. Children don`t like rules. That`s ok.

You don`t have to love them. But we have to stick to the rules. We have to stick to the rules. Sticking to something means acting according to rules, instructions, or desires. There are many ways to use the expression that you can stick to. All meanings have to do with continuing in a certain way. Whenever you stick to something, you accept things in their current state. You are not trying to change things or act radically, even if you do not agree. When Judge Judy makes a decision, you must comply with it. In the TV show „Judge Judy”, Judy Sheindlin is not a real judge and the trial is not a real trial. The people in the „cases” agreed in advance to comply with Justice Judy`s decision.

She is an arbitrator; Your job is to resolve disputes. Both parties to a dispute agreed that they would comply with Justice Judy`s decision, even if they disagreed. And yes, they all know that it is not a real dish, but they always agree to comply with the decision. You can stick to a decision. Those of us who work for large companies have to constantly stick to decisions. As mere employees, we do not have the opportunity to make all the decisions ourselves. We may not like the decisions made by the company, but we have to stick to them. We must behave in such a way that the decision is respected.

Later, in the 1300s, the word remain was used for the first time. Originally, it was used without the word by as part of its sentence, but now people will rarely use „stay” alone. Today`s English expression is „abide by”. It is a phrasal verb that we always use with an object, and it usually means obeying or following something. You can stick to rules, stick to a decision, comply with a judgment. And it simply means that we follow the rules or act in a way that respects a decision. Another common use is to say that I can`t stick to something. For example, if you say, „I can`t stick to a messy kitchen,” you`re showing that you want the kitchen to be tidy. Nowadays, it`s more common to say, stick to it. For example, while it used to be common to say, „We stick to him,” it would now be more common to say, „We stick to what he says.” In addition to sticking to the rules of something, you can stick to the things people say. Here is a concrete example for me.

My company found that we require all candidates to submit a video of themselves answering the questions before they can interview them. Some people liked this decision, others thought it was not a good idea. But we all have to stick to the decision, and now all candidates submit video interviews before doing live interviews. You can comply with a court order. If both parents are divorced, a court may determine which parent is allowed to see the children on what days of the week or for what percentage of the time.

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