Al Ghurair Legal Counsel

Provide efficient and effective organizational support to the legal department, provide legal advice and services to the company and its departments. With over 20 years of professional experience supporting organizations in the MENA region and around the world, I am Senior Legal Counsel at Al Ghurair Investments, where I manage the engineering and energy group of companies. I also represent ETA – ASCON Group as senior legal counsel. My career in the UAE began in 1996 in the local law firm, then as a consultant in Phase II of the Dubai Airport expansion and later as Head of Management Consulting at ABQ Zawya/currently Thompson Reuters. In 2008, I was appointed General Counsel and Vice President of Investments at UME and VIP Waterfront Property Developer. In 2012, I was appointed to a global position as Group Counsel at Dimexon Group and successfully managed their legal affairs worldwide in Europe, the United States and Asia. Senior Legal Counsel at Al Ghurair Investment | Water.

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