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Our lawyers are very familiar with psychologists` questions and are available to APA members for questions on practical law issues. Contact us for advice on issues such as: Norma Garcia is a practicing attorney who currently serves as Assistant Counsel in the City of Jersey City, New Jersey. Norma oversees a team of governance lawyers who act as legal counsel in New Jersey`s largest and most diverse city. Norma`s experience over the past 29 years as a municipal, district and prosecutor, as well as a municipal judge and civil litigator, has been diverse and diverse. Norma has prosecuted criminal cases for Union Township, the Hudson County District Attorney`s Office and the New Jersey Attorney General`s Office, which prosecute crimes ranging from motor vehicle offenses to homicides. Norma also served three terms as a municipal judge for the hillside community. His career began as a law clerk for the Honourable Miriam N. Span (retired) in Union County, in the civil party. Norma earned a bachelor`s degree in criminal justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York and a doctorate in law from Cardozo Law School in New York. Norma has served in municipal, state and federal courts. The Office of the Advocate General (OGC) is responsible for all aspects of legal advice and representation of the APA. She is also responsible for the selection and follow-up of external legal advisors. The OGC provides legal advice on a variety of topics, including: the APA`s legal counsel advises the APA`s Board of Representatives, Board of Directors, and all other government agencies on business and political issues that have legal implications, as well as the Nonprofit Regulation Act such as the APA.

The firm also provides legal services in all legal matters involving departments. The OGC cooperates with the Legal Affairs Committee and is supported by its staff, who advise the Council on legal/policy issues, evaluate amicus proposals and deal with a variety of psycho-legal issues. In addition, the OGC fosters the interface between psychology and law through interdisciplinary collaboration with other professional groups such as the American Bar Association and the supervision of related working groups and conferences that promote work in areas of common interest to both professions. The OGC works with psychology experts and external legal advisors to prepare Amicus briefs in cases involving issues on which psychology has relevant knowledge or information to share with the court. The Office conducts legal risk management activities to avoid legal exposure to the APA and its employees and governance members, and is available to all APA employees and governance members to advise on legal issues or matters that arise in the course of their work for the APA. Do you have any questions? While our lawyers do not provide legal advice, the Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs only provides advice to APA members. Merrill Mezzacappa is a former deputy chief prosecutor in the Somerset County District Attorney`s Office in New Jersey. During his 25-year career, Merrill has successfully attempted complex cases such as vehicle homicide, murder, sexual assault, and no-fault liability for drug-induced death while overseeing assistant prosecutors. Merrill was also the legal supervisor of the vehicle murder, sex crimes, child abuse, domestic violence and victim witness units. She served as assistant attorney general in the state grand jury`s investigation into allegations of clergy sexual abuse and taught police officers the constitutional aspects of searches and seizures.

Lawyers in our FDMD regulatory practice work with litigants to provide transparent legal advice to clients considering litigation with litigants, among other things. We support life sciences clients who are considering litigation against the FDA by: APA members who wish to receive advice can contact our office via this email address; When contacting us, please include your membership number in the subject line and explain the problem (please do not send patient information) Are you not an APA member? Click here to join APA and use this important service! APA membership gives you access to expert employee consultation services on issues that affect your work. Niki has been an attorney at the Manhattan Attorney General`s Office for more than 20 years. He has investigated and brought to justice a variety of homicides, police shootings, rapes, robberies, burglaries and other violent crimes. She was Deputy Office Director in the Sexual Crimes Division in 2007 and was appointed Deputy Office Director in the Litigation Department from 2007 to 2013. In January 2014, Niki was appointed Head of the Child Abuse Division. Niki is also a member of the APA`s Child Abuse Prosecution Project. Michael Valentine is a senior lawyer with the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys` Child Abuse Prosecution Project. Previously, he served as Deputy County Attorney and First Deputy County Attorney at the Hillsborough County Attorney`s Office in Manchester, NH. He oversaw an office of fourteen lawyers while managing a litigation burden that focused on child sexual assault and child pornography. In this role, he worked extensively with local child advocacy centers, more than a dozen law enforcement agencies, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and several federal agencies in his own investigations and reviewed the work of his lawyers. As Assistant District Attorney, Michael became New Hampshire`s leading expert on civil engagement of sexually violent predators (SVP) and remains the only NH prosecutor to successfully handle an SVP case.

He has presented strategies for prosecuting such cases on several occasions to the nh Attorney General`s Child Abuse and Neglect. He also helped teach and prepare students on the FBI`s Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART) on how to testify as experts and expert witnesses in state and federal courts using direct practice and cross-examination in the FBI`s CART Moot Court trainings.

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