Application Form for Legal Aid Ireland

The decision to grant you legal aid will be made by the Legal Services Agency. If you have to pay contributions to the cost of your case, you will have to pay them to your lawyer. The relevant period is the year following your application. The Board of Directors will try to estimate your disposable income for this year. It may be necessary to consider your income from the past year to do so. Completing this application can take 10 to 15 minutes and will put you on our recall list. You can also apply by calling our helpline at 1-800-666-6899 Tuesday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you can`t pass, keep trying. To be eligible for legal advice or legal aid, you must complete a means test form, which is available at all legal aid offices or online here. The law that sets the means test rules is contained in a large number of ordinances that have been informally consolidated here. Please note that you will need to close the browser window when you are done. You can only create one online application in a browser session.

Although most types of criminal cases are exempt from civil advice, legal advice may be provided to an alleged victim of a sexual offence, rape or human trafficking. When you complete the „Why do I need legal services” section of the application form, you must explain in detail the nature of your legal problem. You don`t have to use legal terminology (but if you know the right legal term for the matter, it`s helpful to use it). If there is already a court case, you must provide details and if there is a hearing date, please let us know and which court it is (e.g. Dolphin House, Cork Circuit Court, etc.). If your case is a breach that you have suffered or that involves an alleged breach of a duty of care, it is very important that you inform us when the breach/alleged breach occurred and/or when you became aware of it. To be eligible for legal advice, you must pass a resource test. If your application is accepted, you will be asked to make a financial contribution. The amount you pay depends on your funds. If you ask your lawyer if you are eligible for legal aid, you will need to bring information and documents from your lawyer to your first appointment so that they can decide what assistance you may be entitled to.

If you are denied legal aid, you can request that the decision be reconsidered. Your application for legal aid in criminal matters must be addressed to the Court of Justice. You must inform the court of your finances. The Commission de l`aide juridique has the authority to obtain information about your income or assets from the Ministère de la protection sociale and the revenue commissioners. To be eligible for legal aid, you usually need to pass both a resource test and a performance test. If you are entitled to legal aid, you will have to contribute to the total cost of the procedure. There are a limited number of exceptions to the duty to contribute, including child custody and domestic violence. The „Rates” section below lists the minimum and maximum contributions that can be paid. Civil legal advice is oral or written advice given to you by a lawyer or lawyer on how to apply the law in civil matters. It may also involve writing letters on your behalf or acting for you in negotiations with other people.

Legal advice is provided by the lawyers of the Board of Directors in their network of legal centres. To find out if you are eligible for legal aid and/or advice, you must apply online or complete the legal aid application form (pdf) and return it to the nearest legal centre. You will provide details of your income and expenses on a confidential basis. The Board of Directors will inform you to fill out the form (pdf). The online app is designed to work with all phones, tablets and PCs, etc. No. Click here for more information on applying for legal aid for international protection in Ireland. Lower representative courts may also be used for pre-mental health review proceedings and for prisoners who file parole applications. The Montana Legal Services Association empowers low-income Montanans by providing them with the tools to help themselves free of charge in civil, non-criminal matters.

Submitting an application does not guarantee that MLSA will be able to take on your case. Nothing on this site or in the links provided on this site constitutes legal advice or practice. The display of this page also does not create a relationship between you and the Montana Legal Services Association. All visitors should consult with a qualified lawyer about their individual questions, needs or issues that may be relevant. Before hiring a lawyer, you should review the lawyer`s reputation and qualifications. We are not responsible for the actions taken by a reader based on the information contained on this website. All content on this website is for general informational purposes and educational purposes only. There are three ways legal aid can help you be represented in court in civil cases. If the Chamber does not provide you with legal advice, you can appeal the decision. The Court has the power to grant free legal aid in criminal matters which is granted only to a person accused of a criminal offence. Legal aid may not be applied for in the case of persons bringing a private action. If you call our helpline, you may not be able to make it immediately due to the high volume of calls.

We recommend that you keep trying. If you have to wait to get to our admissions specialists, please fill out the online application form and our admissions specialists will call you. You can usually expect to hear from us within 3-5 business days. If you have an urgent deadline, please note this on your request and try to call us back if you do not hear from us within one business day. The court`s decision to grant criminal legal aid depends on your financial situation. The Court must agree that it is in the interests of justice that you receive legal aid for your case. If your application for legal aid or legal advice is rejected, you can ask the decision-maker to review the decision and/or appeal the decision. The Montana Legal Services Association has resources throughout Montana. Our interactive resource map helps you find legal resources in your community. The decision to grant you legal aid under this programme will be taken by the Northern Ireland Legal Services Agency. If you have to pay contributions to the cost of your case, you must pay them to the Agence des services juridiques. All payments can be paid over 12 months unless you have savings, which means the cost is payable immediately as a lump sum.

In general, legal aid is granted by lawyers employed by the board of directors in its legal centres. However, legal aid may also be provided by a lawyer in private practice of a counsel of lawyers established by the Council. This applies in particular to family law cases and international protection cases. Legal aid helps people who cannot afford to pay for legal advice or representation in court by a lawyer or lawyer. There are three different systems that provide legal aid to people who need legal advice and representation when a case goes to court. The claims calculator only checks whether you are financially entitled to legal aid. It will not tell you if you can actually get legal help for your particular case. Your legal problem must be a problem covered by civil legal aid, and if you need representation in court, we will assess the merits of your case.

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