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Every year, we translate around 300 annual financial statements for banks and companies as well as all types of financial documents. We manage large-scale projects ranging from translations to affidavits. Without exception, our project managers ensure that no less than two translators work together on a project. This is mainly because we believe it is important to work as a team to be sure to get the best translation possible. The main reason for this is that what seems natural to one person may not seem the same to another person; We want to be sure that everything makes sense and can be fully understood in the target language. We offer official translation services in Arcadia. Our translations are fully certified at no extra cost and we are always honest about our fees. Our official translations are accepted by authorities, governments and legal entities around the world. Including the Ministry of the Interior and the General Medical Council. In some cases, notarized translations are also required, so please check with the competent authority exactly what you need so that we can take care of everything immediately.

We have helped hundreds of thousands of people with translations of birth certificates, university certificates, court proceedings and much more. We can translate any document because we are fortunate to have thousands of amazing translators who are specialists in their different fields. DHC Translations is a multinational company that provides translation services with offices in the Arcadia region. Our native translators are duly certified and many of them come from the Arcadia region. We are all proud to refer not only to our exceptional team of linguists, but also to our customer support. Whatever your request, we`re here to help, and our certified translators can translate your documents into over a hundred languages. Contact us today at for a 100% free quote. Our professional and certified „human” translation services for all types of documents are often sought after for official use in the UAE and abroad. Legal translations are usually required by official public or private organizations to process foreign documents. Our legal translators provide daily legal translations for individuals and companies.

In addition, we have ties to one of the best law firms in the United States, which means we can also provide notarized translations to our clients who need them. We all understand exactly how important it is to ensure that legal documents are 100% accurate, so there is absolutely no room for misunderstanding or uncertainty. The linguists we employ for legal translations still have no less than 3 years of experience with legal terminology, most of them coming from a legal background and have previously worked in law firms and large corporate agencies. Different certifications are sometimes required in relation to the authority concerned. The most popular types are certified, notarized and sworn. If you are not sure which ones you need, please contact the relevant authority to confirm this, as notarized translations incur additional costs as they are signed by a notary Arcadia Legal Translation is a Dubai-based, court-accredited and state-licensed firm that processes legal translations from Arabic to English and vice versa. Welcome to DHC Translations. We provide certified translation services throughout Arcadia in the United States. We provide translation services to countless people every day and ensure that translations are completed on time and at an honest price. By combining the expertise of experienced linguists with more than a decade of experience in translating this type of content for businesses, insurance companies, regulators and other government organizations, as well as an operational structure that allows our project managers to be available 24/7 and respond quickly to requests, we have been selected by dozens of legal departments.

Law firms, financial firms, and legal and financial advisors from around the world to manage all their localization efforts. We have been providing certified translation services to our clients for several years to ensure they receive the translations they need. The majority of our clients need certified translations for universities, various governing bodies, applications to the General Medical Council, obtaining real estate abroad and much more. There are a variety of translation services. As a rule, only the certified type is required. Here we complete the translation of your document and attach an affidavit (cover letter) stating that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original text. Once the document is printed and an affidavit is attached, we have the translation signed by one of our project managers, stamped with our ink stamp and dated the date of the translation. Sometimes notarized translations.

So if you are not sure, please talk to the person asking for the translation, as this will incur additional costs. Arkadia Translations takes an innovative approach to new translation technologies. We offer services in many areas where translation is an essential part of the activities carried out. Whether you need to translate a document or find an interpreter, Arkadia Translations, the translation agency with over 20 years of experience in translation and interpreting, works every day with experienced native speakers specialized in technical fields to provide tailor-made and flawless translations to its partners. With years of experience in many different fields, Arkadia Translations continues to offer its clients complex translations that are perfect in all respects. Professional translations of all types of documents. The scope of your business doesn`t have to be limited to Arcadia or even the United States. By translating your website and documents, you can showcase your products and services abroad and increase your sales. We have a specialized department that focuses exclusively on the translation of legal and financial material.

At DHC Translations, we only deal with the use of real human translators. We will not use machine technology to translate your documents. The reason for this is that we believe there is absolutely no substitute for real human translators. Machine translation could improve over time, but nothing can surpass human knowledge and real-life experience. The fact is that translation can often also be a skill, it is far from being an exact science. A word can have different meanings and can be used in various ways in many sentences to express a completely different meaning. A pure person with professional experience can provide the highest quality when it comes to translations. Our Arcadia-based certified translation services ensure that your documents are translated with the utmost care and can be completed extremely quickly with our express service.

Whether it`s a marriage certificate, a business document, or a legal contract that you need to translate, you can be sure that your documents are in great hands. Our legal translators have a thorough understanding of legal terminology. Our experience has allowed us to establish ongoing relationships with leading international law firms. We have innovative solutions to reduce traditional translation costs by taking advantage of the latest advances in neural machine translation (NMT) and statistical machine translation (SMT). â The rapid editing and translation service was carried out by a court-certified translator. Lately, it`s no surprise that Arkadia is the translation agency of choice for many companies around the world. We never forget what really matters: providing professional and personalized translation services at the local level that meet the needs of our clients. Since our founding in 1999, we have hired more than 500 translators working in around 80 languages. With offices in Brussels and Milan, we can put you in touch with all the resources you need for your projects.

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