Arms Rules 2016 in Marathi

(22) „state weapon” means a firearm or other weapon belonging to the Government; and „government ammunition” means ammunition manufactured in a government plant or prepared and delivered to the government, with the exception of ammunition that may be released by the government for civilian use; (b) are transported by a person authorized to manufacture such goods for the examination of evidence in a case or package legibly addressed to a State body or body approved in accordance with those Regulations, or retransported from that institution to that person; Provided that no person under the age of twenty-one is permitted to carry an authorized class of weapons requiring a licence in a public place, except in the immediate presence and supervision of the person legally authorized by the permit holder to carry such weapons. (4) Weapons or ammunition deposited in an armoury in accordance with section 21, subsection (1), may, unless returned or disposed of earlier, be returned to the nearest police station after the expiry of thirty days after the deposit. 2. In the case of a group application, the authorisation may be granted on behalf of the leader or official accompanying the team or group, and details of the weapons and ammunition may be given in an annex annexed to the authorisation and part thereof by the licensing authority. 4. A carrier holding a type XIV authorisation for the transport of arms or ammunition by road shall fulfil the conditions set out in sub-rule (3) of Regulation No 101 in accordance with the transport authorisation procedure laid down in Rule No 102. If any of the items covered by types I, II or III contain prohibited weapons or ammunition, the licensing authority must obtain the prior approval of the central government in accordance with article 7 of the Act before issuing a licence in form VII. 2. Where, in any of the cases referred to in sub-rule (1), the original licence is not presented by the importer or exporter or by the consignee or agent, or where the original or certified copy of the licence is not attached to the consignment or the content of the licence is not identical to that of the copy sent to the Authority – or the arms or ammunition do not correspond to the description in this licence, the authority may not receive the consignment for shipment or allow it to continue or, where appropriate, deliver the consignment and, if it is not a district judge, shall immediately inform the nearest judge. Explanation. – for the purposes of these provisions, the term „transport” means the transfer of arms or ammunition through any part of the country, but not the transfer of arms or ammunition by an authorized manufacturer or dealer from a warehouse, godown or other similar place to its factory, store or other establishment located in the same village, City or city. (iii) The transport of category V weapons from List I referred to in point (c) or chlorates referred to in point (f) shall be notified in advance to the competent officer of the nearest police station or to a judge responsible for the place of dispatch.

(4) If a member of a shooting club or shooting association intends to bring the weapons and ammunition for the purpose of repairing the premises of the association or association or to a shooting range for the training or exercise of the target or to participate in a shooting competition, the member shall have an identity card signed by the president or secretary of the association or association in respect of weapons and ammunition and in the area and for that indicated in the Period passport. 5. The authority responsible for issuing or renewing an authorisation shall carry out regular inspections at the premises of undertakings, traders, dealers and manufacturers where weapons and ammunition are stored in order to ensure compliance with the requirements for safe storage. 4. (a) The manufacturer shall establish an online electronic connection to the NDAL system under its username and shall provide weekly online electronic transmission of data on firearms manufactured and sold, transmitted, transmitted or transmitted or transmitted, as well as ammunition manufactured, sold, transmitted or consumed during the week, as recorded in the records referred to in sub-rules (1) and (2).

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