Astroneer Mat Requirements

While it`s not strong enough to fly between planets (you`ll need a shuttle for that), it`s a fast mode of transportation if you`re looking for specific resources or sites. This guide covers everything you need to know to get your first VTOL at Astroneer. Once you have recovered the EXO chip, unlock the boot mission. This will reveal the location of the MAT. Once there, simply use the EXO chip to unlock the two resource missions to create the VTOL. The VTOL is Astroneer`s fastest plane, so you`ve probably had your eye on it for some time. And if you decide it`s finally time to get a VTOL aircraft for your installation, we can show you how. Be aware that VTOL is one of the hardest vehicles to get in the game, so fasten your seatbelt as it`s a long process. However, once everything is said and done, you will travel around each planet with ease and speed. Resin and quartz are easy to find as they can be made in the lower centrifuge.

However, methane is a gas that is only found on Novus or Atrox. Novus is the safest of these two planets, so we recommend you go there. Then you have the last mission, the finished product, where you just need to activate the MAT to collect the VTOL, its scheme and two hydrazines. When you activate the MAT, it explodes. This is normal, so don`t stress yourself out. Instead, the VTOL is delivered to the nearest landing site. Hydrazine can be produced in the chemistry lab by mixing two pieces of ammonium with hydrogen. Ammonium can be easily produced in the lower centrifuge.

Hydrogen can be found with the atmospheric condenser on Sylva, Calidor, Novus or Vesania. If you have a can of hydrogen, take it to the chemistry lab and make hydrazine to unlock the next mission, „Vertical Thinking.” Wanderer missions are missions where you have to collect historical probes. Completing all missions rewards the player with the vagabond costume and the success of the wanderer`s path. Now go to a landing site or a place where you can access missions and things, you should now have many completed missions that take their rewards and a reward from them should be a hoverboard and its Shematic. I hope I can help you get the hoverboard. Once you have your three exochips, plug them into the MAT on Vesania to complete the analysis paralysis and unlock the final mission, the finished product. To start this chain of missions, you need to unlock „Fuel For Thought”. Completing some missions will unlock more tasks, but fortunately, Fuel For Thought in Astroneer will be unlocked soon enough. All you have to do is collect resources, craft a few simple objects like the middle printer and fusion furnace, and travel to another planet. All of these steps are covered in our guide to finding iron. At the end of this guide, instead of going to Novus to find iron, head to Calidor to find wolframite that you can smell with tungsten.

First of all, we will start with the main missions that you will perform to complete the story of the game. Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game that has been around since December 2016. However, it was fully released in December 2019, 3 years later. You, the player, are responsible for colonizing the planets and creating structures while gathering resources to create those structures. You are basically responsible for bringing civilization to these previously uninhabited planets, and that`s a lot to do. To add more to your plate, the game offers many missions. Some main missions, other secondary missions. If you`re not sure which missions follow the story and which are optional, follow this guide with all the missions in the right order. What The Thrust involves the delivery of two cans of hydrogen and two cans of nitrogen to the MAT.

These can both be obtained using the atmospheric capacitor on Sylva (the mother planet) or Vesania, so you don`t have to travel anywhere else. Once you have received two cans with each gas, place them on the MAT and proceed to the selection of the fabric. Tungsten carbide can be produced by combining tungsten and carbon in the chemistry laboratory. As mentioned earlier, you can get tungsten by melting wolframite. Carbon can be obtained by melting the organic, which is the green element you get by destroying plants and other organic matter. Mat requires a little more resources, so Further Refinement asks you to provide two pieces of silicone and two pieces of tungsten carbide. These resources are quite easy to get at this point because you already have the necessary modules. First, you should go to the chemistry lab to make tungsten carbide. Hayden loves zombies and games, so zombie remnants are a sure thing. He`s a guide writer for TheGamer, so he spends his free time chasing secrets and making an effort to take notes on achievements.

Finally, graphite can be obtained simply by production in the floor centrifuge.

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