Boswyck Legal Translations

Bushwick was founded in 1661 as one of the first Dutch cities. It was given the name Boswijk or Boswyck by Governor Peter Stuyvesant. In 1854, it became part of the city of Brooklyn. The city`s archives consist of three volumes circa 1660-1825 (with gaps): a bound volume containing original documents or certified copies of original documents, histories and slave birth documents; and a bound volume containing a transcription and translation (if necessary) of the originals. Transcripts and translations of the Dutch documents were provided by the Kings County Commissioner of Archives. There is an index of the transcription/translation volume. An attached list of volumes. Digitally arranged. Overige informatie kunt u vinden op de website:

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Boswyck Legal Translations was registered or added to Drimble on June 8, 2009, based in Zeist. The coordinates of the geographic system are: longitude — 5°14′34.58′E (5.242944), latitude — 52°5′40.02′′N (52.094452). Disclaimer: We have taken the greatest possible care to ensure that the above information about boswyck`s legal translations is accurate and up-to-date. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be complete and complete. The information on this page was largely updated on July 4, 2022. On the other hand, the verification of the registration of this registration in our own insolvency register is carried out on a daily basis. For the current state of affairs about this company, we recommend that you obtain information from the competent authorities, such as the Chamber of Commerce or local courts. Boswyck Legal Translations is one of many places in the „Housekeeping” category, which has its own traces in everyday life. The average score for this organization is 3. The company provides services at the official address: Netherlands, Bergweg 63.

Unprocessed collections may contain protected information relating to privacy, health and minor information, and solicitor-client privilege. In accordance with laws and regulations, such material is examined prior to the provision of public access, and certain documents may be redacted or other measures that restrict access to them. Archival and library holdings may also be limited or limited due to physical condition, technical requirements or format. It is not yet known which payment methods are accepted at Boswyck Legal Translations. We assume that you can at least pay in cash when you visit this company. The activities of Boswyck Legal Translations take place (among others) in the industry: translators and interpreters. This sector has as its main category in the SBI subdivision to which the Chamber of Commerce belongs: „Consulting, research and other specialized services to companies” and in this case is divided into: „Industrial design and design, photography, translation and other consulting”, subcategory „Translators and interpreters”.► Click here for more companies operating in the field of „Translators and interpreters” in this region.

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