Cal Legal Mags Review

I just want to warn others that comp mags do NOT work with the MA charger or Bear Flag Defense charger. It was a breaking factor for me. I really wish I had known before buying. I was so confident that I would love these, I made the wrong decision to use these epoxy resins before I had a chance to try them on the range. I had to hammer them and now I`m back at PMAGS. For anyone who works at compmag and is reading this, you might want to add this somewhere on the site – given that many of us rely on speed chargers in restricted states. The typical method of pairing AR mags is to place a device in the middle of the magazine and connect the 2 mags in a side-by-side configuration. This is (in my opinion) the most ergonomic method and requires the least behavioral changes when learning the 2 mags relationship. However, the disadvantage of this method for us in places like California or Canada, where the capacity of the store is limited, is that 10 round AR mags extrude just below the receiver`s mag well. While a legal victory has been won against the California magazine ban, there is a legal formality that maintains the ban (for now). It`s an easy way to get your AR-15 legally in California! Just insert the Mag, lock it and voila! Let me try to explain how we go through the legal history of the california magazine ban a bit. The Committee concluded that Section 32310 of the California Penal Code had not survived rigorous scrutiny. First, the panel concluded that the state interests put forward here were compelling: the prevention and mitigation of armed violence.

Second, the Panel concluded that Article 32310 was not narrowly suited to satisfy the best interests of the State it would have served, since the method chosen by the State – a general national prohibition of possession anywhere and for almost everyone – was not the least restrictive means of achieving higher interests. So, since there are still legal options for California, there`s a chance that California will end up winning — especially with a „bench” exam. I am not sure that the recent verdict will survive, although it should be due to the history of the Ninth Circle. I want to reiterate that the 10/10 Cross Mag is not designed to support cartridges other than the NATO 223 Rem/5.56 cartridge. I am also not able to travel to an area at this time due to the COVID-19 lockdown and do live-fire testing. However, all my functional/torture tests show that this is a very well developed and manufactured product that will double the loading capacity of ammunition while complying with the very restrictive laws of anti-gun governments. Whether you need something for competitive gaming or just want a few extra spins to „turn over more fire”, the Cross Industries 10/10 Cross Mag is a great solution while remaining legal. To top it off, it`s offered at a very competitive price of around $40 and is available at major retailers like That`s a split of about $20 per 10-spin AR mag with a free mag coupler. A typical Magpul 10 Round AR-15 Mag costs $14, so is the 10/10 Cross Mag really a bargain? If you`re only looking for one 10-rpm magazine, clearly not. However, if you`re looking for a solution that allows you to recharge as quickly as possible (thinking about your competitive shooters) while remaining LEGAL CA, then the answer is yes.

Thus, in order to avoid another „week of freedom”, the „stay” could remain and the law could still remain until the legal dispute is finally over. This means that there is not enough space to squeeze 2 mags together. This means that the only option is to attach 2 mags to their floor plates. That`s where the new 10/10 Cross Mag comes in. Until now, the only solution was to remove the floor plates from a 10-turn magazine and replace them with a special coupling magazine. While this works, it also creates problems dismounting and changing the mag orientation for personal preference. In addition, you also need to buy parts from multiple manufacturers, which can also lead to nightmares in customer support. Many would argue that the Second Amendment is a „fundamental right” under D.C.

v. Heller and should therefore be subjected to strict tests. This would mean that it would be difficult for a law to be valid. However, others will argue that the Second Amendment is only subject to an interim review and that it would therefore be easier to retain a law. My app was a bit unique. have an AK room in .223. It worked very well for me in New York after rebuilding my rifle to take the AR mags. Quality product and I highly recommend it. The best part is that it`s reversible! Very happy that my AR-15 California is now legal without any major changes.

Very easy to install. I was informed by a friend of Compmag and had to legalize my AR. It only took 15 seconds to install it and if you`re stepping out of the state, you can remove it If you live in Comyfornia and need a great easy way to be legal, go for compmag. You will not be disappointed. At present, the current ambiguity and technical status of the law make me believe that it is NOT legal. again. Only legally „for now”. The left-wing progressive control freak will surely find a way to ban this too. Their second-generation mags, the M2 MOE, are also excellent mags and you shouldn`t hesitate to use them if that`s all you can find or if the price is right compared to the latest M3 versions. I really love the concept! After a bit of ranking, it worked well with 300 power outages. But.

Despite the claim to be made from a fairly durable polymer/fiberglass, it seems that you can`t cure these mags in the oven after cerakoting, as has been the case with many other magazines. After that, the Mag seems to have shrunk!!! While trying to reinstall the internals, I found that the mag tolerances were so tight that they did not feed the rounds. The follower barely returns to the top of the magazine without help. The good people at Cross Industries recently asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their new 10/10 Cross Mag for them. Of course, I said yes and here we are. Although they were kind enough to send me a few demo units for free, this article is the honest and direct opinion of CG&P. Since California passed the new laws regarding our Rilfes. I was looking for every way to stick to it. Registration is not an option.

I tried the AR-Mag lock. It was cool but I had problems with the double food. Which was a pain in the buttocks to repair, not to mention the time. I went without characteristic on one of my guns. But I saw a review on You Tube „AR-15 CompMag”. I had very positive feedback. It was very easy to install and the use is very reliable. I have not experienced a double power supply or jamming that did not require disassembly. Very reliable, easy to install and easy to charge (with a bit of practice/recycling). I would recommend this method to follow the store lock path.

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