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Silva LL. Forensic dentistry: forensic examination of the Craneo family profiles of Collegno and Mario Bruneri`s unknowns. Rio de Janeiro, RJ: Canton & Reile, 1937. Forensic dentistry is associated with various areas of law such as criminal law, civil law, labour law, procedural law and dental ethics and contributes to justice in the resolution of disputes. Thus, these areas are defined as: However, compared to other specializations, the number of competitions aimed at forensic dentistry is still low. The performance of statutory dentistry is considered quite broad. Its main places of activity are universities, dental conventions, medico-legal institutes (IML) and consulting firms, in addition to the possibility of acting as autonomous. Brazil. Decree No. 3.830 of 29 October 1919.

Authorizes the government to convert the current course of dentistry of the Faculty of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro into a Faculty of Dentistry, and gives other arrangements. Available in: www2.camara.leg.br/legin/fed/decret/1910-1919/decreto-3830-29-outubro-1919-571931-publicacaooriginal-95044-pl.html. Retrieved 20017.03.02. Forensic dentistry is© the specialization of dentistry that applies without exception knowledge of anatomy, radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry to study the physical, psychological, quantum and biological processes that affect man, in state, alive, dead or skeletonized, in fragments or remains, of partial or complete reverse or irreversible lesions, in addition to the Analysis©of human bite marks and animal bites. Petille R, Rha Silva. Civil expertise in forensic dentistry: accreditation and fees of the legal expert. Rev Arm Odontol Leg RBOL. 2015; 2(2) : 63-81.

dx.doi.org/10.21117/rbol.v2i2.39. Claims for damages related to civil liability for dental defects, cosmetic damage or oral damage may be postponed or denied in court by reviewing the contractual agreement, dental examinations, analyses and reports of forensic dentistry experts. Forensic dentistry includes knowledge of dentistry applied to law, but it is not only specialized professionals who need to understand the subject. Knowledge of legislation and ethical standards is important in the practice of the profession so that the professional can act proactively and be aware and prepared in questionable cases. Lerman S. Historia de la Odontología y su ejercicio legal. Buenos Aires: El Ateneo. 1942. Abreu HT. Forensic medicine applied to dentistry. Rio de Janeiro: Francisco Alves Bookstore.

1st edition. 1922. 229 pp. It should be remembered that public tendering for forensic dentistry is very popular and requires a lot of study. It is important that professionals working in the health sector pay attention to legal knowledge. To understand a related topic, it is important to understand the rules that apply. In the dental scenario, just as sports dentists have sports knowledge, professionals who specialize in forensic dentistry are those who have a legal understanding. This resolution also provides for the performance of the forensic dentistry expert in the analysis, expertise and evaluation of events in forensic dentistry and may extend to other areas where it is in the interests of justice. Crew A. Proof of the identity of persons in criminal matters from a medico-legal point of view. Forensic Review. 1936; 4(4):252–74.

Although the career of the dental examiner is promising, it is a position that is in the Brazilian job market with limited demand. Forensic dentistry is the specialty aimed at looking for psychological, physical, chemical and biological phenomena that affect or have affected man, alive, dead or boneless, and the same fragments or traces that lead to partial or complete reverse or irreversible injuries, according to a decision of the Federal Council of Dentistry. Nicodemo RA, Morais LC, Medici Filho E. Chronological table of mineralization of permanent teeth in Brazilians. Rev Fac Odont São José dos Campos. 1974; 3 (1): 55-6. It can be difficult to define how much a forensic dentist earns, as the amount of compensation can vary greatly depending on the region of Brazil. Dental identification has a unique meaning because dental arches offer many individualizing variables that make it virtually impossible for two people to have the same dento-source morphology©. Thus, the dentist is a dental professional who specializes in forensic or forensic dentistry and helps the judiciary primarily by identifying people through the dental arch, which, like DNA, is unique to each individual.

Silva RF, Miamoto P, Rha Silva. Luiz Lustosa da Silva and the Emergence of Forensic Dentistry in Brazil – Review in a journalistic and literary collection. Rev Arm Odontol Leg RBOL. 2017; 4(1) : 78-106. dx.doi.org/10.21117/rbol.v4i1.118. Samico AHR, Menezes JDV, Silva M. Ethical and legal aspects of dentistry. 2nd ed. Rio de Janeiro: Federal Councillor for Dentistry; 1994. Musse JO, Boing AF, Martino FS, Silva RHA, Vaccarezza GF, Ramos DLP. The teaching of bioethics in undergraduate programs in dentistry in the State of São Paulo.

ARQ Ciênc Health. 2007;14(1):13-6. During examinations, in the bodies of the divers, samples of Ted Bundy`s sucking, blood and fingerprints were found, despite the evidence, these samples were not sufficient to incriminate him, when he found two bite marks on one of the breasts and bumps of one of the different Lisa Levy in 1979 by©the report of forensic dentist Dr. Lowell J. Levine. Finally, the ethical field includes expertise that is carried out in-house in dental practices. Here, professionals are judged ethically based on their behavior. Pettorutti AR, Muñoz DR, Tsuchiya MJ. Legal medical identification of suspected cases: investigation of the expertise of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of São Paulo, in the 1990s. Health, ethics and justice.

2003;8( 1/2):18-23. dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.2317-2770.v8i1-2p18-23. Forensic dentistry can also clarify allegations of bodily harm. The dental expert can examine the oral structure of the victim and help with a medical expert to confirm the degree of injury. Spyere PR. Museum of Professions: Dentistry. History of dentistry in Brazil. Available in: museudasprofissoes.blogspot.com.br/p/historia-da-odontologia-no-brasil.html. Retrieved 2017-01.10. History of dentistry in Brazil: 1500-1900. 2nd ed. Rio de Janeiro: Scientific Ed.

1952. 288 p. 1. Forensic Dentistry in Criminal Investigations: Importation and Practice Enforcement; 01/03/2017 Website;ambitojuridico.com.br/cadernos/direito-penal/odontologia-forense-na-investigacao- criminal-importancia-e-aplicacao-pratica/ These are just some of the examples that show the importance of forensic dentistry as one of the means in the pursuit of justice. It is important that professionals acquire their rights and obligations and prevent undesirable acts in the judicial system. To become an expert in forensic dentistry, it takes a lot of study. The training takes place within the framework of specialization courses. Emszsf Silveira.

Forensic dentistry: concept, origin, applications and history of know-how. Health, ethics and justice. 2008; 13(1):33-6. Identification of humans based on dental features has been reported since 49 BC. However, some authors consider the dental identification of General Joseph, conducted by Paul Revere in 1776, as a pioneer. As already mentioned, one of the examples where the professional specializing in forensic dentistry can be mentioned if there is a suspicion of ideological lying.

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