Pathways to Law Leeds University

Each university has a unique way of managing the program. Over the course of two academic years, each Pathways to Law student has access to Sutton Trust Online and has the opportunity to: • A series of competency-based sessions – over the course of two years covering a variety of topics, including selection and application to a university, debates and pleadings, essay competitions, resume writing, cover letters and personal statements, LNAT preparation and intake interview techniques, teamwork, networking and workshops on various areas of law. The Pathways to Law Coordinator can be contacted at Our national conference is an important part of the programme and takes place online or on-site at the University of Warwick, depending on governance. You will go to conferences to see what university life has to offer. Meet students from across the country and network with professionals. Improve the skills sought by universities and employers and get expert advice on college applications. Look forward to it: The two-year Passport to Law program offers students in grades 12 to 13 the opportunity to learn more about law school, university life and the application process. As a student of the program, you will have the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops that will enhance your critical thinking and overall confidence and help you prepare a strong UCAS application. There will also be opportunities to meet industry professionals and apply for internships.

• Open Days – Participation in open days at the host university as well as at Pathways to Law partner universities. Academic English Skills aims to provide in-depth education in the language and related academic skills that enable international students to better realise their academic potential at university. Our Academic English programme is validated by UK ENIC, the UK government agency responsible for providing expert information and opinions on qualifications and skills worldwide. Meeting a diverse group of people with similar interests, I decided to apply to Law School and realized it was the right topic for me. I also enjoyed the experience working with a local lawyer, which is now why I want to become a lawyer. University of Law – Leeds has a campus size of 23 hectares. That`s bigger than the average college campus in the city. Get personalized advice from a student.

You will be paired with a law student from the university of your choice who will guide you through your two years and give you insight into university life. They can share their experiences in choosing a school, managing student finances, navigating social life and much more! We will hold regular events to prepare you to apply and attend university. Until we are able to do so, we will hold our events virtually after school or during half-time and holiday periods. We try to plan most of your first year`s events according to your Level A calendar. You will receive a full calendar of events for your first month so you can save the dates. In the past, we have offered: We are delighted with your university experience. At Leeds, you`ll enjoy a range of additional options that will give you the chance to truly change your future career. The Sutton Trust works with Oxford University and other universities to address differences within the legal industry.

A study by the Sutton Trust found that 68% of UK-trained lawyers and 75% of UK-trained judges attended fee-paying schools, despite the fact that, overall, only 7% of young people attend schools and colleges in this sector. This research shows that young people who have attended public schools are significantly underrepresented in high-level positions in the legal profession. „Pathways to Law” was created to give public school students the opportunity to better understand academic studies and legal careers, thereby creating a level playing field. Below are the application deadlines for each university hosting a Passport to Law program this year The Passport to Law program includes a series of events over 12 and 13 years to give a true taste of law school and work in the legal profession. When I went to this program, I didn`t expect it to be as amazing and captivating as it was. I was super impressed and I could really work on my confidence. As someone who didn`t want to turn on their microphone or camera at first, I was very excited on the last day to immerse myself in the incredible possibilities the program had offered me. – Jess, Pathways to Law, University of Oxford Matthew, Manchester, Pathways to Law 2016 – University of Manchester This course gives you the opportunity to choose from a range of discovery modules. They`re a great way to tailor your studies to your interests or career goals and help you stand out from the crowd after graduation. To learn more about discovery modules, visit our expanded websites. This path leads to a wide range of degrees at the University of Leeds, from mathematics, economics and finance to law and social policy.

You will study core and subject-specific modules carefully tailored to your academic development and chosen field of study. Find out what modules you will be studying and what type of work you will undertake as part of this path. Also access to Pathways to Law partner universities: Bristol, Exeter, Queen Mary, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, LSE, Manchester, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Oxford, Roehampton, Warwick. Learn more about the time our students dedicate to their Passport work experience. Several well-known companies hire directly from the Law University campus, including Pathways to Law universities, which host activities and workshops for Grade 11 students at local schools and universities. If you are in Grade 11 and would like to get involved, please contact the universities directly to find out how you can get involved. The Pathways to Law program lasts two academic years. It begins in the first semester of Grade 12 and ends in the last quarter of Grade 13. The programme is run in collaboration with the following universities: „Don`t forget to register for our next @LSJ_Leeds Race and the Law seminar on polygamous marriages in English law.” – Applications for all Pathways to Law programs are now open! You will be required to take an English Academic Proficiency Test at the end of your course, details of English language requirements below. This means that upon successful completion of the International Foundation Year, you will be ready to begin your studies at the University of Leeds.

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