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Subscribers can digitally browse current legal texts on their mobile devices. The content can be freely adapted with personal annotations and highlights and unwanted parts can be hidden. To edit and edit content, it is recommended to use a larger screen with a mouse and keyboard. The screenshot shown is from a PC with an author`s personal highlighting scheme. Legal updates are made automatically without interfering with your individual comments, so you don`t have to transfer your notes. See here for FAQs. Show and hide text: Hide legal text and comments you don`t want to see. The text is not permanently deleted and can be recovered. Add comments and references in areas that are problematic for you. EPC.App subscribers can add two-way hyperlinks.

Desiring to promote and accelerate the economic development of developing countries by adopting measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of their national or regional legal systems established for the protection of inventions by providing easily accessible information on the availability of technological solutions to meet their particular needs and by facilitating access to the ever-increasing scope of modern technology, Highlight styles are black and white only and use different underline and bold text styles. It is available in German and English and is updated regularly. Essay and colored articles are only available to online subscribers. Desiring to improve the legal protection of inventions, (1) (a) This Treaty shall be signed in a single original in the English and French languages, each of these texts being equally authentic. 2. Where the claims have been amended in accordance with Article 19(1), the communication shall contain either the full text of the claims as filed and amended, or the full text of the claims as filed, indicating the amendments and, where applicable, the statement referred to in Article 19(1). Please use our advanced search to search for full-text HTML versions of EPO legal texts. You can limit your search to one or more of these texts. (b) Official texts shall be prepared by the Director-General, after consultation with the Governments concerned, in the Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and other languages designated by the Assembly. Comments and references were included on the basis of the original and updated protocol of the Washington Diplomatic Conference (WDC 1970), where the text of the law was finalized. The provisions of the Treaty relating to the organization of WIPO, internal financing, treaty amendment and the accession process are also commented.

We offer a printing service for these WIPO texts – they are less relevant to applicants but very relevant to those studying history and those who keep the PCT up to date: the many comments and annotations allow them to be used as such for examinations such as the EQE. As you prepare for the exam, learn about the structure and distribution by answering as many legal questions as possible. Use it in conjunction with the PCT Application Guide and the Euro-PCT Guide and ignore parts that are not relevant for examination. When the term „agent” is used, it shall be construed as an officer appointed in accordance with rule 90.1, unless the wording or nature of the provision or the context in which the word is used clearly indicates otherwise. Where the term „applicant” is used, it shall be interpreted as including the representative or other representative of the applicant, unless the wording or nature of the provision or the context in which the word is used clearly indicates otherwise, in particular where the provision refers to the residence or nationality of the applicant. In the 2022 revision, almost all parts of the EPO`s PCT Guidelines were amended. The most important change is the extension of Part A, which now contains a chapter on languages (Chapter VII) and a new section 1.6 of Chapter VI on the applicant`s right of priority. Other amendments aim to improve or update the text of the previous edition.

(i) where the applicant is a legal person, the name of an official authorised to represent that legal person. The international search report shall indicate either that the International Searching Authority approves the title and abstract as submitted by the applicant, or it shall be accompanied by the text of the title or summary prepared by the International Searching Authority in accordance with Rules 37 and 38. Never obsolete: your customizations are stored in a personal cloud and the legal texts are automatically updated regularly. Generate an A4 color PDF from your own PCT.App for printing in your office or a custom color copy via a print-on-demand service. 6. (a) In any event, the Director-General shall communicate to the Executive Board the text of all the opinions and recommendations of the Committee. It may comment on these texts. At least one applicant (natural or legal person) must be a national or resident of a PCT Contracting State; otherwise, no PCT filing date will be granted. [23] If a PCT filing date is granted in error, the receiving Office may declare that the application is deemed withdrawn within four months of the filing date. [24] However, the requirement that at least one applicant must be a national or resident of a PCT Contracting State „shall be fulfilled only at the time of filing the international application. Subsequent changes in the applicant`s country of residence (or nationality).

do not affect the validity of the international application itself. [25] Where a representative or common representative is appointed, this must be indicated in the invitation. Rules 4.4 and 4.16 shall apply mutatis mutandis and rule 4.7 shall apply mutatis mutandis. and simultaneously or immediately after their subsequent receipt by the International Bureau: subsequent elections (elections submitted after the request). Extension of time limit – One month to be fixed by the receiving Office if the receiving Office discovers an irregularity Where, after receiving a negative finding in accordance with Article 11, paragraph 1, the applicant requests the International Bureau, in accordance with Article 25(1), to send copies of the file of the alleged international application to one of the said Offices which it has attempted to designate, He shall attach to his request a copy of the communication referred to in Rule 20.4(i). (b) Any translation of the said report shall be made by or under his responsibility, while any translation of the said annexes shall be made by the applicant. IB, IA, ISR or a provision referred to in Article 17(2)(a) and indication that no search will be carried out on each OD Transmission, translation and transmission of the international preliminary examination report Any reference to deposited biological material shall be made in accordance with this Rule and, if so, shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of the national legislation of each designated State.

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