Phone Number for Legal Aid in Adelaide

Port Adelaide Office263 St Vincent Street,Port Adelaide SA 5015 DX 50607Phone (08) 8111 5460 Free legal advice is available for anyone in most legal matters. The role of the legal advisor is to identify the client`s problem, inform him of his rights and obligations and help him understand the actions that can be taken. The consultant can also write letters for clients if necessary. If your problem is not urgent, visit us online at for general legal information and resources. To chat with our lawyers online during business hours, click on the Legal Chat icon on our home page. If you wish to apply for legal aid on behalf of a client, you must indicate: Callers in South Australia can use the Legal Helpline to contact the Adelaide office for the cost of a local call. For clients who are unable to attend an in-person appointment, a telephone consultation appointment can be made and all relevant documents can be emailed or faxed to us. Port Augusta Office34 Flinders TerracePort Augusta SA 5700 DX51005Phone (08) 8686 2200 The Consumer Credit Law Centre provides specialist legal advice, financial advice and legal representation in financial matters, including debts, bankruptcies and mortgage tensions and redemptions. Legal representation usually includes attendance in court, but may also include services such as document preparation or legal hearings.

Services are often provided on a means-tested basis and guidelines that set priorities for the use of an organization`s resources. The Adelaide office has specialized legal advisors who can advise and assist you on certain matters relating to Centrelink. For free general legal advice, call 1300 366 424 on weekdays between 9am and 4.30pm (except public holidays). Legal advice by telephone is available for prior information, advice and recommendations. Advice is usually limited to a client`s fundamental legal rights and obligations in a particular situation. If the issue is too complex or time-consuming for a phone call, the client is offered an appointment at a Board office or is referred to other sources of support. It is important to consult a lawyer or seek legal aid as soon as possible after being charged with a crime. Noarlunga Office Ground Floor, Noarlunga HouseRamsay Place, Noarlunga CentreNoarlunga SA 5168 DX 51404Phone (08) 8111 5340 Advice on rights and legal issues is given by various bodies.

For example, it is offered free of charge by organizations such as the Commission des services juridiques, community legal centres, the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement and Consumer and Business Services. Sometimes there are restrictions on areas of law or geographical area covered. Where appropriate, additional assistance will be provided and transmitted to other agencies. For people residing in other regional areas, a telephone consultation appointment can be arranged by calling the Legal Helpline on 1300 366 424 and requesting advice by phone. One of our advisors will then contact you at the agreed time to discuss your problem. If you are a legal aid client and need to speak to a lawyer in one of our offices, please call them directly or call our switchboard at (08) 8111 5555. 24 Legal gives you quick and convenient access to reliable legal information written in simple English and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The free service covers more than 60 common areas of law and is particularly useful for legal issues that arise outside office hours. When you access a 24Legal theme, you will be asked to agree to a disclaimer and then enter your gender and zip code before being guided through common questions and answers. You can find information about our legal advice on our website in many languages, including abroad. General legal advice, InDIGO project (service specialized in domestic violence), regional public relations Whyalla Office17A Forsyth StWhyalla SA 5600 DX 60021Phone (08) 8620 8500 For quick legal information, use our Legal Chat service, available Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm. You can also find answers to a number of frequently asked legal questions online in our 24Legal Service and Legal Handbook.

Contact information for community legal centres in other countries is available from the National Association of Community Legal Centres Several organisations provide or organise free legal aid. If an issue goes beyond counselling and minor help, costs may be incurred, or you may need to meet eligibility criteria (usually a resource test) to avoid or reduce these costs. Community legal centres provide legal advice and support to disadvantaged clients and residents. Their services may also include financial counselling, child support, social security advocacy, and mediation. They can sometimes help resolve legal issues that do not fall within the scope of the legal aid guidelines. The Commission employs both lawyers and paralegals as legal advisors. Paralegal`s employees come from a wide variety of fields and have a legal background. The advisory service deals with a wide range of legal and non-legal issues and clients are often referred to other service providers as appropriate. In the event of a breakdown involving property or children, legal advice should be sought at an early stage to ensure that rights are protected. A person injured on the job, in a car accident, or even while walking down the street should consult a lawyer immediately after the injury, as workers` compensation and personal injury claims require prompt action.

Consultation on the terms of a lease or contract after it is signed will probably be too late to be useful. General legal advice, child support, financial advice and employment law Legal information can help you find the best solution to your legal problem. Visit our self-help legal information page for a list of websites where you can find simple legal information. Many people suffer more than necessary from legal problems that could have been avoided if a lawyer had been consulted at the first signs of difficulty. The Commission provides initial legal advice and may be represented before the courts on certain matters. Family law and child custody advice is available to inmates by telephone and telephone. We want our employees and customers to stay safe and healthy. Please call us before visiting one of our offices. If you need to visit one of our offices, we may ask you to wear a face mask.

The Legal Services Commission has a free legal advice line for all South Australians – telephone 1300 366 424. For professional reasons, legal advisers cannot give a second opinion if the case is already being handled by another lawyer. However, we may be able to give general advice to solve a problem. Legal aid may be divided into legal advice and legal representation. Most legal aid institutions also play an active role in legal education and legal reform in the municipality. Parking nearby at: Secure Parking (172 Gawler Place) If you are deaf, hard of hearing and/or speech-impaired, you can contact us via the National Relay Service. For people living in or near Mount Barker or Murray Bridge, the Commission des services juridiques offers a weekly appointment service for each of these locations.

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