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With over 70 jobs across the country at any given time, we have more options for law students than any other website in Australia. We have created a guide that you can provide to your supervisor to help you explain the purpose of the work experience and the College`s legal expectations regarding the type of supervision required. To be eligible, your work experience must comply with the Work Experience Rules. In short, your work experience: If you are doing legal remote work, which otherwise complies with the work experience rules, please complete the Work Experience Diary form and the Work Experience Approval Application. Start your professional experience up to 2 years before the start of your PLT! Designed to give you a glimpse of what it`s like to work in a real-world legal environment, this is your first opportunity to apply your skills to real-world legal issues. Your work experience should always comply with the work experience rules – and you should continue to follow steps 2-6 above. You must complete at least 15 days of work experience in Australia, at the same time as or after the course component and at a minimum rate of 2 days per week. Please see the following links for internships: You can complete your work experience before, during and after your PLT course component. If you have any difficulties or minor violations of the internship rules, please let us know.

Important: Please read the rules carefully and contact us if you have any questions. We actively seek job opportunities for our job board – and work with the industry to find placement opportunities. To publish your resume, create a job seeker profile on the job board. Please note that this service is only available to students and graduates. Yes. In fact, this is quite common – especially in cases where students have had some work experience as students. However, approval is at our discretion. The College of Law offers a free service that allows law students to post resumes on the job board, allowing employers to search for candidates who meet their criteria. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some law graduates may have difficulty finding work experience or may not be able to complete unpaid work experience. Download the Work Experience Guide for Students – WA only If you complete the standard work experience format, you will be required to submit a work experience diary for the 15 days of work experience you completed in Australia at the same time as or after the course component. This journal must be signed by your supervisor.

You have a variety of options that can count towards your work experience component. Examples: Please submit your forms, digitally signed by you and your manager, to Yes, you are eligible for insurance coverage as a law student if you complete an approved unpaid articling period. Email information about your situation and all supporting documents.

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