Professional Diploma in Legal Executive

Only graduates of the Higher Diploma for Legal Executive programme who have met the following requirements of the Law Society of Hong Kong benchmarks are eligible to use the professional title of „Legal Executive” in law firms: The Diploma in Professional Legal Studies is the second level of our Professional Legal Studies programme and is designed for students who wish to practice as a legal executive in the Republic of Ireland. A legal executive is a lawyer who usually works with or under the supervision of a lawyer. This can be done in private practice or in the public sector. This course was designed by our Program Manager to address a need in a professional context that she identified during her career as a lawyer. Students are entitled to obtain the degree if they have successfully completed the Certificate in Professional Legal Studies or if they can demonstrate prior training equivalent to the certificate modules. This is an advanced degree that develops learners` understanding of Irish jurisdiction as progression from the first level of the certificate. The level covers three key areas of law and offers students a choice of two to choose the path that interests them most. This section focuses on the transfer of ownership procedure related to the sale and purchase of completed and unfinished real estate. It also includes the use of loans and savings from the Central Provident Council to finance these purchases, as well as the relevant procedural and security documents for these transactions. Emphasis is also placed on preparing relevant correspondence and documents required for these transactions for filing with the Singapore Land Authority, as well as the different types of research, legal requirements and title requirements. The program provides students with hands-on training and equips them with the knowledge and skills to become a paralegal/legal force. Graduates are able to work in law firms or in the in-house legal department of commercial enterprises.

You will be taught by experienced lawyers on our city campus. Your wealth of experience will fuel and enhance your learning. There are many specialized pathways to study law and develop legal careers in different areas of law to meet the needs of the individual and the legal sector. A selection of example paths for different domains can be found under this link. Graduates who have met the benchmarks of the Law Society of Hong Kong (HKLS)^ are entitled to use the professional title of „Legal Framework”. Participants who work in the law firm or legal department and those who want to make law their career. INDUSTRY READY Trained by leading legal industry professionals, learners will be well positioned to excel. You will have the opportunity to be supervised by a professional from the Leeds legal community. They give insight into life in a law firm and accompany you personally to really sharpen your career opportunities. Other study-related expenses to consider: Materials you need to complete your course, such as: Books (although the library provides access to recommended readings for your modules, you may want to purchase your own copies of some books); You can also make suggestions for books to include in the library`s collection. investment expenses (this may include travel and living expenses); Student visas (for international students only); printing, photocopying and stationery (you may have to pay for multiple copies of your memory or final project to print and bind); Events associated with your course, such as excursions; Study abroad opportunities (travel and accommodation costs, visas and vaccinations). Other costs could include academic conferences (travel) and membership in professional associations (if applicable).

Costs you`ll have to pay for graduation include clothing rental and guest tickets, as well as optional extras like professional photography. Entry requirements: 1) 5 HKCEE subjects of E/Level 2 level or above, including English (B program) and Chinese and with at least 2 years of work experience; or 2) 5 HKDSE subjects at level 2 or above, including English and Chinese and with at least 1 year of work experience; or 3) Aged 21 or over with 3 years of legal employment in Hong Kong with at least Grade D in English (Syllabus B)/Level 3 in English or 6.0 in IELTS. (Please attach proof of legal employment to your application. An admission interview may be required.); or (4) equivalent. Note: Graduates of the study program must meet the relevant requirements in order to use the professional title „Legal Framework”. This course is supported by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives UK (CILEx). CILEx is the professional body for over 20,000 lawyers, paralegals and other licensed legal practitioners in Ireland, England and Wales. For more than 50 years, they have paved the way for a flexible career in law. This course will teach you the theoretical and practical aspects of law and equip you with a variety of skills, such as legal communication, legal research, preparation and drafting of contracts and agreements. You will gain theoretical knowledge in various areas of law, including tort, contract, real estate, criminal and family liability. In addition, you will be equipped with procedural skills such as civil and criminal proceedings, transfer of ownership and corporate secretarial practice.

You will also be trained to run a law firm and be introduced to legal technology! Our university welcomes applications from adult candidates who demonstrate academic potential. If you have recently acquired relevant work experience and/or professional qualifications, we may be able to consider you for admission under our Prior Knowledge Recognition Policy. Please ensure that you include both your qualifications and relevant work experience in your application. The topic covers the following areas: human resource management, workflow management, office automation, file and document management, use of computer technology, leadership, organizational policy, marketing and legal ethics. Students are challenged to learn relevant concepts through lectures, seminar-based workshops, self-directed learning, and project work simulating a live office environment. The program is recognized by the judiciary, where graduates who are „legal executives” with 3 years of legal professional experience enjoy limited listening rights at both the District Court and the Supreme Court. Graduates can expect exciting career opportunities such as paralegals, legal secretaries, law firm managers and administrators. They are highly sought after not only by law firms, but also by government agencies and legal departments of private companies such as banks, insurance companies, and real estate agencies. Graduates can expect career opportunities in roles such as paralegals, legal secretaries, law firm managers, and administrators. Our guest lectures offer you the opportunity to network and hear from speakers from different backgrounds and contexts to provide insight into key developments and issues relevant to the legal sector and professional practice. Our events are open to lawyers, students and people interested in the field. Graduates of the program who meet the relevant requirements may use the professional title of „Legal Framework”* Louisa is Chief Law Officer with professional training in legal practice and designed theatre.

She is a non-practising barrister at the Supreme Court of England and Wales who trained and practised as an employment lawyer at a large commercial law firm in Leeds.

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