Psychology Waterloo Requirements

Approach the study of psychology from its biological aspects and gain insights into human behavior. Study the essential subfields of psychology and take science courses in the natural sciences and life sciences. In your senior years, you can participate in practical research with innovative professors. Apply your knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical sciences or many other professions. You can combine this program with biology, computer science or neuroscience. To complete the Honours Bachelor of Research in Psychology program in combination with another Honours Bachelor program, the requirements are the same as above for the Honours Bachelor of Psychology Research Specialist program, except that a minimum of 8.5 and a maximum of 10.0 credits in Psychology are required. Students who are required to take courses in research methods and statistics in the second specialization program should consult with both departments to avoid duplication of work. The Honours Bachelor of Psychology program provides students with a humanities education that includes broad engagement in key subfields of psychology, as well as training in research methodology and statistics. It is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and useful information for a wide range of career opportunities. Requiring at least one course with a nonprofit learning experience exposes students to a wider range of experiences outside the classroom. You`ll take on a mix of psychology, science, and math with a focus on research methods and data analysis.

In your third and fourth years, you will have the opportunity to work in small groups, receive hands-on lab training, and work one-on-one with faculty. The Honours BA Psychology: Research Specialist programme provides students with specialist training in research skills, including methods, design, statistics, and computer skills, as well as exposure to the main content areas of psychology. Senate Science Planning Review March 21, 2016: Changes to course requirements; Valid from 1 September 2016. Not studying in Ontario? Browse our eligibility criteria for life sciences (this is the entry-level program for psychology majors). The Honours Bachelor of Biology and Psychology program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, including at least 6.0 Senior BI credits and at least 6.0 Senior PS credits (see grades). See note 1 for progression and completion conditions. Students can use their biology courses to meet the requirements of one of three research concentrations and/or specializations. The program must not exceed 6.0 credits at the 100 level and must include: We accept equivalent courses from other provinces and study systems.

Visit the Waterloo website for specific requirements in your province or country. Your Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology is the ideal starting point for a career in behavioral neuroscience, forensic psychology or cognitive psychology, or for a medical career specializing in neurology, psychiatry or pediatrics. If you have a passion for psychology and a strong scientific orientation, we have the program for you. According to the Shanghai World University Rankings 2020, it is among the top 100 psychology programs in the world. And it offers the co-op, which is paid work experience, on top of that. Questions about courses, programs, requirements or careers? You will take chemistry and biology courses, laboratories and other science electives alongside your psychology courses. If you like science, you will enjoy psychology at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In the Bachelor of Arts program, most of your electives will focus on subjects offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Note: At the end of the 2nd year, students may choose to stay in the Honours Bachelor of Psychology program or move on to the Honours Bachelor of Psychology Research Specialist program (if they meet the progression requirements stated below). PS101 and PS102 as well as 2.0 senior psychology credits, including at least 0.5 credits in each of the following three areas: If your first language is not English, please refer to our English requirements and qualified tests. The Honours BSc Psychology programme provides students with a scientific education that includes broad exposure in the main subfields of psychology as well as specialisation in the biological aspects of psychology. It is designed to provide students with analytical skills and useful information for careers in the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical sciences, as well as a variety of other career opportunities.

Students may also choose the following credits if not completed above: UU101, PS382, PS398 (or SY489), [PS492*, PS490, or PS499*] under the supervision of a community psychology faculty member. The membership of the Faculty of Community Psychology can be found under „Community Faculty”. Note: University regulations apply to all Laurier students. If there is a discrepancy between the program or progression requirements described on this page and those of the university`s academic calendars, the academic calendars are the official sources of information. The following information is from the most recent calendar, and you may be following the progress requirements of a previous calendar. Students are responsible for checking the appropriate schedule. Contact your program coordinator if you find any discrepancies. Explore the limits of the mind. Study human behavior from a variety of perspectives, including neuroscience, cognition, clinical, developmental, industrial/organizational psychology, and social psychology. Electives must include at least 2.0 credits of a discipline outside the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. There are many ways to visit our two locations to make your decision.

The choice of where to study is up to you! Both options offer the option of including paid co-op work conditions as part of your studies. A) Students who wish to apply for graduate studies in psychology or who have a strong interest and commitment to conducting original research should pursue the Honours Bachelor of Psychology Research Specialist program and complete a thesis (PS499*). Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5 in psychology courses. Ask them questions about why they chose their program, what the courses are like, and how you can get involved on campus. This minor provides an integrated study of theory and practical experience in applications related to human development. The minor consists of 3.5 credits. The optional Research Intensive specialization provides a solid education in experimental design. You will learn how to address problems of human motivation, memory, social relationships, communication and many other human skills by translating them into solvable problems.

As part of your BSc in Psychology, you can gain practical experience through research projects. In addition, require at least one course with a nonprofit learning experience that exposes students to a wider range of experiences outside the classroom. There are two options for the Honours Bachelor of Psychology: Research Specialists. Find out what courses you will be taking towards your degree in Psychology – Science. Monthly topics include how to choose a university program, what it`s like to be a Waterloo student, and more. Would you like to customize your program even more? Work with one of our award-winning faculty to design a focused course of study tailored to your specific interests. Or gain work experience by enrolling in the co-op stream. The first and most obvious difference is the degree you will get! If you choose psychology through the Faculty of Science, you will earn a Bachelor of Science (BSc) compared to a Bachelor of Arts (BA).

One degree is not necessarily better than the other. It`s really about whether you like science. Your psychology classes will be largely the same; However, your other courses will be different. The Honours Bachelor of Psychology program consists of 20.0 credits, of which a minimum of 10.0 but not more than 11.0 credits in psychology. A maximum of 6.5 credits at the 100 level can be accepted into the program. „I appreciated the integration of Community Service Learning (CSL) courses. These courses allowed me to collaborate with community partners and apply what I learned in the classroom in a real-world environment. They were also very enriching experiences on a personal level, and I received incredible references from them. „What I liked most about the psychology program was how the concepts taught could be applied in everyday life. You come out of each class knowing a little bit more about why people are the way they are, and I think that`s a wonderful accomplishment. These courses are for guidance only.

Talk to your advisor about courses offered at your school. Places in this program are limited. Eligibility for this program requires a higher level of academic achievement than that required for the Honor BA psychology program. The requirement to take two research experience courses and at least two graduate seminar courses gives students the opportunity to explore topics in depth and develop their critical thinking and research skills, as well as oral presentation and written communication skills. B) Students who are not pursuing graduate studies but are interested in continuing education (e.g., Faculty of Law, College of Teachers, Social Work, Speech-Language Pathology) or who work as paraprofessionals in social services or mental health may choose the Honours Bachelor of Psychology program: Research Specialist without the PS499* thesis option.

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