Rear Bumper Guard Legal or Not

In general, these are completely legal because they do not cover the license plate, do not pose any danger to drivers or pedestrians and do not make the vehicle considered dangerous. (ii) the statement „Made in ___” (indicating the month and year of manufacture of the protective device); And besides the legality of bumper protectors, there are other things you need to know. As already covered, you must ensure that the bumper protection of your choice is safe for yourself, your vehicle and those around you. If you still haven`t removed the muscular front guard in front of your car, there are now enough reasons to visit your local mechanic to have it removed. In addition to being illegal – yes, you can be prosecuted if you are found in a vehicle with a front protection bar, there is a risk to your safety and that of other passengers in the vehicle in the event of an unfortunate accident. But is what you thought was an extra layer of protection for your vehicle really much riskier than not having it? Here`s why front protectors and impact protections are illegal in India: There are other forms of bumper protection, such as bumpers for parking protection and front guards. Of course, no one wants a ticket. Before you buy or install any type of bumper protection, you need to determine if it is legal. Q: Is the BumpShox car bumper protector weather resistant? A: As with all novelty labels, you should always check your local municipality to see if the product is street legal in your state to avoid a ticket. Some municipalities do not allow novelty signs on front or rear bumpers.

A: Bumper-mounted EZ-Pass labels are not compatible with BumpShox bumper protection. Not only do different types of bumper protection have different laws governing them, but the laws can also be very different from place to place. (iv) The impact protection(s) shall not be affixed more than 61 cm (24 inches) forward of the rear end of the motor vehicle. Another reason to ban collision avoidance mudguards is that they are not pedestrian friendly. Imagine a 2-tonne SUV with impact protection that travels at 40 km/h and comes into contact with a person made of flesh, bones and blood! A front guard bar or impact protection attached to a vehicle prevents the safe and rapid deployment of airbags in the event of an accident. Since the impact occurs on the protection and not on the front sensors of the vehicle, the front airbags cannot be deployed at all or too late, which means that the actual purpose of this safety feature is nullified. You also paid for the airbags that were installed in your vehicle, why not make sure it served its purpose of protecting all occupants? Adhesive bumper protectors protect your bumper from scratches and scratches, don`t affect the paint underneath, and are easy to install. (6) Requirements for certification and marking of rear impact protection devices. Any rear impact protection used to meet the requirements of paragraph (a)(1) of this article shall be permanently marked or marked in accordance with FMVSS No. 223 (49 CFR 571.223, S5.3). The label shall be affixed to the front or rear surface of the horizontal portion of the guard, provided that it does not interfere with the retroreflective film in accordance with FMVSS No. 108 S5. (c) (49 CFR 571.108) and is readily accessible for visual inspection.

The certification label must contain the following information: A: Don`t worry. Metal license plate frames can rust and warp, making them unusable. The BumpShox bumper is made of a special V-Tech foam that does not tear like plastic license plate frames, bend out of the mold, or rust like metal license plate frames (1) Requirements for motor vehicles manufactured after December 31, 1952 (excluding trailers or semi-trailers manufactured on or after January 26, 1998). Any motor vehicle registered after 31 years. December 1952 (excluding tractors for semi-trailers, bar trailers, pulp trailers, road-controlled horizontal unloading trailers or vehicles in input tow operation) in which the vertical distance between the rear lower edge of the bodywork (or the chassis if the chassis is the rearmost part of the vehicle) and the ground is greater than 76,2 cm (30 inches) when the motor vehicle is empty, shall be equipped with one or more Rear impact protection devices shall be equipped. Rear impact protection devices must be installed and maintained to: A: The BumpShox bumper is designed as a replacement licence plate frame. Simply screw the license plate frame onto the front bumper using your existing hardware (note: in some cases, you may need to purchase longer license plate screws). For theft protection, you can use lockable license plate bolts. These are available at most auto parts stores.

(ii) the maximum lateral distance between the narrowest points between the guards, if more than one is used, does not exceed 61 cm (24 inches); Q: I had a powder-coated license plate frame that chipped and started rusting? Is this a problem with the Bumper Shox Bumper Guard? A: Although the BumpShox was not designed for the rear license plate, it can fit some vehicles. The Indian government has banned the installation of front and impact protection bars in the front and rear of all passenger cars. The penalty for offenders is between $1,000 and $5,000. This is aside from the fact that the local police will ensure that these bars are removed. A: The BumpShox car bumper protector is designed for outdoor use. We use stainless steel washers that do not rust. V-Tech foam does not crack or rust like metal car bumper protectors. (iii) the letters „DOT”, which are confirmation by the manufacturer of the protective device that it meets all the requirements of FMVSS No. 223.

Studies have shown that if a vehicle hits a pedestrian, it is more likely to be seriously injured if hit by the hood of a car than by the car itself. Most SUVs do not have monocoque bodies. They have a ladder chassis chassis that can accommodate impact protection. That`s what they do when they prepare a rally car. In this case, the vehicle is not homologated for the road! Q: Will the BumpShox car bumper protector damage another vehicle if it is hit while parking? If you had impact protection at the front that was bolted or welded, the protection bar absorbs impact energy, and since it`s part of the car, it transfers the impact force to the cabin and harms passengers. (4) Rearguard. At any height of 560 mm (22 inches) or more above the ground, the rearmost surface of the horizontal portion of the guard shall be within 305 mm (12 inches) of the rear end of the vehicle. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as prohibiting the rear surface of the guard from extending beyond the rear end of the vehicle. Guards with rounded corners can lean forward from the side limb within 10 inches (255 mm). However, bull bars are generally considered a dangerous and illegal accessory.

Most states in the United States ban bull hangers, and the Indian government has banned them nationwide. This, in turn, can lead to confusion. The original Renault Duster did not have a collision bar. The car was therefore homologated. The Duster Limited Edition came with a collision avoidance device. It has not been approved. Who do you do Chaallan? The owner or car manufacturer, Renault. Q: Can I return the BumpShox car bumper protector if I am not satisfied? How does the return procedure work? A: If you are not completely satisfied with your new bumper protector, you can return the product for a refund within 15 days of receipt minus the original shipping costs.

The buyer is responsible for the return. To return a product, please visit our Contact Us page to request an RMA# and return instructions. The product must be returned in new/resalable condition. Damaged or soiled products will not be refunded.

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