Road Legal 450 for Sale

The Husqvarna FS 450 is a 450cc Supermotard off-road motorcycle. It has road wheels and tires, so it should not be driven off-road – only when needed. 2012 KXF 450 legal road Works perfectly Had rebuilt the engine last year – has only run 7 times since then All relevant documents of the right of the road Excellent condition, low mileage and new tires! Honda`s off-road motorcycles are among the best models in their segment and the XR650L is no exception. This bike puts off-road performance in first place and no matter what type of road is below you, it is able to handle it with serenity. Whether off-road or off-road, the XR650L offers versatility thanks to an excellent combination of performance, suspension, durability and fuel efficiency. The Honda XR650L also offers all the benefits of a lightweight, intelligent electric starter and excellent fuel economy. Power comes from a powerful 644cc overhead cam engine capable of keeping the bike alive in any situation. Meanwhile, air cooling reduces maintenance as well as the counterweight driven by the engine`s gearbox, reducing tiring vibrations. As for the suspension, the Honda XR650L is equipped with a 43mm pneumatically adjustable Showa cartridge fork with 43mm front axle and a simple Pro-Link Showa rear shock absorber with spring preload, 20-position compression and 20-position bounce damping. 805-526-4122 This motorcycle is an off-road electric motorcycle that the United States Special Forces use.

Very powerful and has better acceleration than gasoline bikes! And yet practically silent! You can drive at night without waking someone who doesn`t even know you`ve been there! This bike is better for racing than gasoline as it is able to quickly restore speed after jumps on landing and in tight corners as it accelerates. The frame is also made of airplane aluminum to make the bike lightweight. This bike has never participated in a race before! The bike is used, but it is in very good condition. I bought this bike last summer and it was brand new when I bought it! But I`ve since quit my job and I want to start my own business, so I need money now to survive, otherwise I`d like to be able to keep it. His way of having fun. The bike needs a new „contactor” at some point. Link at is the protector you need it`s only $80. The bike works fine without the new switch, but you may need to let the bike sit for a few minutes before you start riding and riding, as the switch needs to increase its power. The screen has a scratch or crack, I don`t really know how it got there.

However, it doesn`t really affect anything. Comes with the charger/book and a $100 speed and power headset if desired. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I don`t know how to check the mileage of this bike, but when I bought it, it was brand new and I just went back and forth to work, most of the time it`s not even a mile from home. (Walk through the forest) Links to specifications. The KTM 450 SMR is essentially the same bike as the Husqvarna FS 450. It is a fast supermoto built ex works for driving or racing on the road. My electric button start of 66 legal road signs husqvarna 450 FC, for sale sale due to moving and never really time to drive, very fast in perfect condition not for the faint of heart.

The helmet glove and jacket can come with it, they were worn Honda crf450 legal road 12 months word The only reason to sell is household obligations and not getting used to it as much as I would like Questions please feel free to ask for tanks for research Reasonable offers are considered a running motor and gearbox, but otherwise a heavily modified XR400R. The bike is in perfect riding condition with a clear title. Works strongly. Easy start. The setting is straight and the bike paths real. All functions and components are in good condition. It was originally an „off-road-only” green 4-stroke green off-road motorcycle, which was legally modified and approved for road traffic. Comes with a set of spare wheels mounted with good off-road tires, sprocket and brake discs.

Many performance improvements (see below) AC dmv street labels good until November 14th, green CA off-road sticker label expired June `14 I am the 3rd owner.

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