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The agenda of the event revolves around legal innovation in practice with short Ted-style talks (10 minutes), expert question and answer sessions, product presentations and interactive workshops. In addition to the talks, there will be a barista café, street food, fast networking, LawRocks After Party as well as a DJ and karaoke session. This is part of our broader goal of creating an improved legal profession by leading by example. The Legal Geeks greatly accompanies The Mandalorian. I learn if the client who hires multiple bounty hunters after The Mandalorian takes over the job is unauthorized interference due to an accepted open contract. Really top level geekery. „If you just went to a law conference next year, make sure it`s Legal Geek. You won`t be disappointed. „It`s like the Glastonbury of the legal department and who doesn`t want to go to Glastonbury! There`s a fantastic energy and I love being there. Legal geeks pride themselves on being lawyers and geeks. We were named one of the best legal podcasts of 2017 by the ABA Journal Web 100 and nominated for best podcast by the 2015 Geekie Awards. Enjoy our podcasts on legal topics such as science fiction, comics, and pop culture, from Star Wars to Captain America and all things geek.

Our podcasts are not legal advice and are for entertainment purposes only. We are committed to increasing diversity and mental health awareness within the legal profession. Our Women in LawTech Meetup was founded in 2016 and we now offer a mentorship program for underrepresented groups in the legal sector. Since 2018, we have placed nearly 400 mentors and mentees in 29 countries. Our panel of lawyers offers its legal analysis on each episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. We are the event partner of Barclays Eagle Labs, a specialist centre for legal technology entrepreneurs, in Notting Hill. The lab aims to help law firms set up and grow and offers a coworking space for up to 100 people. Legal Geek`s events and programs connect changemakers and have a positive impact on the legal industry. Law for Good is our pro bono arm, supporting legal charities that use technology to improve access to justice. The Law for Good conference is back on November 29, 2022.

We`re back in every episode of the third season of Star Trek Lower Decks! We are currently working remotely and our preferred means of contact are via email. However, if you need to contact us, our office address is listed below. We are proud to have reached 7,000 employers and become a London Living Wage. This means we pay our team and freelancers a fair salary to meet their daily needs in London. Join 2000 participants from around the world in October 2023 in Shoreditch, London. The Law Society Gazette described the conference as a „must-attend event in legal technology.” We organized the world`s first LawTech startup conference in 2016, which doubled three years in a row [500 > 1000 > 2000]. The Legal Geek Conference attracts attendees from 40 countries and is trending (twice) on Twitter. In 2020, we put all our events online, created our own bespoke events platform and launched a consultation to help others move their events online, including for the International Bar Association.

Review of the Lower Decks episode „Crisis Point 2 Paradoxus” LinkedIn: LegalGeek [Note: no space between „Legal” and „Geek” on Linkedin] Since then, Legal Geek has launched the first European Lawtech startup map, organized access to justice events, and launched a mentorship program that supports underrepresented groups in the industry. We would love to hear from you, if you have a question, please read our FAQ or email us Please follow us on social media by connecting with us below! We are a small team where you can make a difference in an informal and collaborative work environment. Discover our latest job offers. „We need more events like this, where the art of the possible is at the forefront.” Maaike de Bie, Group General Counsel and Secretary General, easyJet We organise one free student event per year in partnership with the University of Law. This event will help you understand the impact of technology on the industry. Adam Ryan, Director of Legal Innovation, Freshfields Legal Geek North America is a one-day conference based on three pillars: learning, networking and fun. We have a simple philosophy for all our events, namely: the next London Legal Geek Conference will take place in early October 2023, the final details will be announced in two weeks! Haste? In June 2023, we will be back in North America. We are always looking for interesting new speakers at Legal Geek. Our previous speakers include ministers, general counsel, academics, former athletes, technology managers, law firm directors and experts in the third sector.

Apply to speak at next year`s event. All Legal Geek employees are trained first responders in mental health. This is to ensure that we have a better understanding of mental health and the factors that can influence the well-being of our team and event attendees. 17,000+ people attended a Legal Geek event. Legal Geek participants include in-house counsel, leading global law firms, the latest startups, investors and regulators. It`s such a cool concept. I can`t wait to see more episodes. – E. Please express your interest in sponsoring the event from the beginning Unique and the first in the world, the Startup Map was created to help people navigate the legal technology industry.

It now has 300+ startups and scaleups and is constantly expanding. Everything we do leads to changes in the real world. In 2016, we hosted the world`s first Lawtech startup conference and our events now attract thousands of attendees from all over the world. Interviews, industry updates, new initiatives and thought leadership. We also have a series on demystifying industry terms and talking to lawyers who code. Legal Geek will be back in North America in June 2023. Sponsorship opportunities are available, and tickets will go on sale very soon, sign up for the pre-registration list to find out first. Our mentorship program helps underrepresented groups enter the sector and develops a pool of future leaders.

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