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When choosing the location of your pond and during construction, contact your local soil and water conservation office and/or the Natural Resources Conservation Department. Depending on the location, watershed size, and purpose of the pond, federal and state permits may be required for construction. For example, streams are considered wetlands, and if you build a dam on a stream or otherwise affect a wetland, you will need to obtain a permit from USACOE. Another consideration when choosing a location is liability in the event of a dam failure. You need to consider what would happen downstream if the dam failed, resulting in flooding or loss of life and property. Dams of 25 feet or more that contain 50 acres feet of water or more, and dams of 6 feet or more that contain 15 acres feet of water or more are regulated by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Division of Dam Safety and Floodplain Management (DSFM). In addition, owners of agricultural dams must apply for an exemption for their dam, although dams of 25 feet or more and 100 acres feet of water or more are also subject to DCR regulations. DCR`s DSFM department requires operating certificates, annual safety inspections, emergency plans and other items in accordance with the Dam Safety Act. If you plan to build a pond with a dam that meets any of the above criteria, contact DCR for more information. Dams must be regularly inspected and repaired to ensure their integrity and safety. Who is allowed to enter the pond and when it can be used are considerations that the pond owner must take into account. Is swimming and boating allowed? If so, where, when and under what conditions (swimming at your own risk, motor boats or electric motors, etc.)? Pond owners and their guests do not need a fishing license to fish their own pond.

Stocking non-native or exotic fish species such as triploid grass carp requires approval from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR). Raising and selling fish for bait and/or consumption may require permits from the DWR or the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. As a pond owner, you are responsible for obtaining these permits. Pond owners are also responsible for the well-being of habitats downstream of their property. If too much rotenone is applied during pond reclamation and there is a downstream fish death, the owner is responsible for the replacement costs associated with remediation. It is extremely important to determine if there are any threatened or endangered species living in your area. The warm water (or no water) released from your pond could bring a sensitive aquatic animal closer to extinction! We assist clients with employee compensation, social security disability, long-term disability, short-term disability and all other legal needs. There`s life after bankruptcy, and it`s much less stressful than spending weeks and months avoiding debt collectors and worrying about losing your home or seeing other assets seized. Pond Lehocky Giordano`s lawyers and staff maintain close relationships with the thousands of lawyers and doctors we work with and refer our clients to, as well as with the unionized workers for whom we fight every day for health, safety and well-being. If your stream is located in a watershed known to help spawn anadromous fish (shad, herring), you may need to build a fishing trail on your dam.

Contact DWR for more information on fish passage requirements. Our bankruptcy lawyer will only help you provide relief during bankruptcy proceedings if it is the best course of action for your situation. The initial consultation is free and without obligation. Once we understand your situation, needs and goals, we can help you find the best possible solution in the most effective and efficient way. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication and professionalism, you are truly the best. Thank you very much! Consumer bankruptcy laws exist to give individuals and families a fresh start. Too often, people don`t see bankruptcy as an option because of the myths and unwarranted stigma that comes with it. In these cases, individuals lose assets that they could have retained if they had consulted a competent insolvency lawyer. Jerry Lehocky and the Pond Lehocky team are still considered part of the family! If you are a lawyer, doctor or unionized worker, click below to learn more about working with us. Without Pond Lehocky and the amazing people you work with, I would never have been able to cope. Pond North LLP`s client base consists of a mix of Fortune 50, Fortune 500 and family-owned companies, and comes from both direct appointment by general counsel and assignment of an insurance company. Pond North LLP`s lawyers represent a variety of industries, including friction and automotive products, construction and construction products, fire and fire protection products, heating and ventilation equipment, adhesives, insulation, military equipment, plastics, talc products, and manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of other products.

In the context of toxic and mass crimes, particularly asbestos-related claims, Pond North LLP serves its clients at the national, regional and local levels. The partners are respected litigators who have collectively brought a significant number of cases to court, with successful judgments in California and various other states. They also act as national lawyers, regional lawyers and strategic advisors to their clients. Pond owners have unique responsibilities in terms of seeding, maintenance and liability requirements. We make sure we are available to our clients, unlike other law firms that split their time between multiple offices across the state. By focusing our time and effort on our customers in and around Jackson, we can give every customer the attention they need and deserve. In the legal field, you will find from time to time an exceptional team that combines professionalism, integrity and compassion. Pond North LLP lawyers have spoken at numerous national, regional, local and web seminars on toxic offences and asbestos, and have presented on a range of topics for private insurance groups. The Republicans` stance on abstinence was unpopular with immigrants to the state. The Democratic Party was able to use this discontent to take control of state politics in the upcoming election. Although there was growing support for moderation and prohibition, the majority of Ohioans did not support this movement during this period.

Thank you for accepting my case and doing your best for me. From the beginning, I felt like I had a giant on my side. What I never questioned or even pointed out was if I was taken care of. That`s what sets Pond Lehocky apart from others in my opinion. They really care about what I`m going through. Social Security is not something you take advantage of. It is a benefit to which you are entitled. Pond Lehocky Giordano is the largest workers` compensation and social security law firm in Pennsylvania. We earned this award because of our tireless fight for people whose lives have been derailed by a health crisis.

We are trusted advocates, compassionate guardians and fearless advocates for anyone who needs to recover from an accident, illness or injury. Pond North LLP provides strategic litigation defense to its clients. Always ready to hear a case, the firm is cautious in harnessing that strength and defending each client`s unique objectives in litigation. The firm`s main area of practice is the defense of complex claims in toxic tort and mass and property damage, with specialized experience in cases of body cancer and damage to the respiratory and central nervous systems. Pond North LLP`s Managing Directors, Frank Pond and Christine North, as well as other associate lawyers at Pond North, have consistently and successfully defended the interests of their clients in litigation and litigation specializing in asbestos-related personal injury, death and property damage. environmental claims (state, federal, CERCLA, Proposition 65 and traditional environmental offenses); product liability claims; claims for accidental injuries; and claims related to the defence of retailers and retail establishments (e.g.

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