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This question, which always coincides with your desire to see the last kilometer of arrival at the top of this penultimate stage (queen) of the Tour of the Basque Country, you will certainly only be able to see it quickly on Tiz Cycling! Your trusty social TV for cycling events around the world. It`s like a haven of peace! This respectful „feeding area”. The last lifeline for many professional cycling fans accustomed to seeing women`s cyclocross stages off the Belgian coast or getting lost after visiting the Roubaix velodrome. It must be a joke?! It`s like suffering too much. Play better football. 5. How do you justify the slogan „Your #1 source of quality cycling videos” illegally broadcasting races? Well, quality is my main motto. On the web, you`ll always find blurry 360p streams with lots of pop-ups. I wanted a stream and recording in 1080 quality.

I created what it was for my needs. Today, the audience is growing because more and more people are interested in sports, but who are these guys? Where are you from? Who are these monsters who have been hacking cycling evidence for years to show it to the world? To answer these and other questions, I contacted the folks at Tiz Cycling and you can watch this interview now. Today, the second stage of the Tour of Turkey takes place. You`re crazy? Who runs? Today, the Tour of Rhodes takes place in Greece. Where are the broadcasts? Tiz Cycling! The answer is almost automatic. Paris-Roubaix? It is the largest audience of all in the network. But that wasn`t the case this year. Pandemic. Now only in October.

Can you also watch the previous steps on Eurosportplayer? What about the Olympic Games? Those from Japan? 2020 or 21? I don`t think so. For security and privacy reasons, Tiz (so I called him) didn`t tell me his real name and nicknamed the other two people working with him: Tash and Cookie. Yes, there is a Coinhive miner on the site, but he asks you for permission to mine, he does not do it automatically: i.imgur.com/4NVUkrd.png PS II: Mark Cavendish has just won the 2nd stage of the Tour of Turkey, almost 3 years after his last victory. eurosportplayer.com – Keep your computer safe from AIDS for a season He told me it started as a video store in 2015 and now has an impressive catalog of races cataloged by name, category, year, and even with women`s and cyclocross events since the early 2000s. All content is linked to YouTube videos, of which he is proud. Cavendish?! Again? You`re kidding?! He even won a bunch of bananas once. CAV is amazing! I think a decent site should ask the user or at least tell him, check out now this exclusive interview with Junimba Simões. I only use the europort now, I have given tiz a decent amount of money in the past, but this year`s intrusive advertisements were too much. But what makes the site successful is the live broadcast of the Eurosport/GCN signal. The coverage of „Pirates” hides the excellent work of the site and its commitment to democratize access to sport through broadcasting and catalog of events around the world. The site relies solely on the collaboration of its users and fans, who fund the site through donations in bitcoins and also the purchase of a beer. Part of the fans also support the channel – called Tiz Peloton, which occasionally appears on the asphalt of events with flags, souvenirs and paintings, which causes a certain spirit and embarrassment for official broadcasting.

I installed new blockers/etc and received a pop-up warning on Tiz today when I wanted to see the Vuelta that the site uses my CUP for mine. And do they only do it when you`re on the site or all the time? I got a small ad saying I can activate it so they can mine cryptocurrency, so I don`t know if they already do. No crypto mining requires only CPU use The blocks that are „mined” are just strings of numbers and letters, meaning they would require as much internet as loading an AskReddit feed and nothing compared to a 360p or even 720p stream. Does anyone know anything about this? Was it legitimate? Does the website do that? I read that Pirate Bay has finally admitted that they did, so it seems logical that other sites would do it too. But if it`s the sport you love. What to do? But you learn, you live, you become emotional, you smile. Cycling makes you happy. You learn and you are more curious to know more and I was curious to know who is behind Tiz Cycling. By email, Tiz (so I started calling him) told me that along with two other people, he runs the site directly from North Korea and only uses homemade servers.

www.cnet.com/how-to/find-out-if-websites-are-mining-bitcoin-cryptocurrency/ PS.: The obscure Tour of Rhodes, which has been taking place in Greece since 1987 with two victories for Fabian Cancellara (2001 and 2002), was not broadcast by Tiz Cycling. I don`t understand fuzz. I`d rather have a process that uses my CPU, which is mostly idle, than see ads every two minutes. I`m pretty clueless, but I guess this will consume a decent amount of internet as well.

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