Uganda Law Society Act

PART III — ACCESSION. 4. Membership. 1. The Attorney General and the Attorney General are ex officio members of the corporation. (2) A member of the Society is any person who is entitled to practise under section 6 (2) of the Advocates Act and who applies for membership in the prescribed manner; However, every person appointed to a position in the public service designated by order of the Minister becomes a member of the Société at the time of his appointment to that office. 5. Honorary Member. The Council may elect as honorary members of the Society such persons as it deems appropriate, either for life or for such time as it deems appropriate in all cases. 6. Annual subscription. The members of the Society shall pay the prescribed annual dues from time to time into the funds of the Society; However, no honorary member is required to pay such a fee. 7.

Admission is free. There is no entrance fee for membership in the society. 8. Termination of Membership. 1. Any member whose name has been struck off the list of advocates or whose right to practise the profession of lawyer has been suspended is deemed to have been expelled from the Société or whose membership has been suspended. (2) A member of the Society who is not an honorary member and who is no longer eligible for membership ceases to be a member. PART I — INTERPRETATION. 1. Interpretation.

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires: (a) solicitor has the same meaning as in the Lawyers Act; (b) `Council` means the Council established under Article 9; (c) „Legal Counsel” means the Legal Council established under section 2 of the Law on Lawyers; (d) „Rules Committee” means the Rules Committee established under section 40 of the Courts Act; (e) `company` means the entity established in accordance with Section 2; (f) „special resolution” means a decision taken by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members of the company who are entitled to vote, in person or by proxy, at a general meeting of the company duly convened with full notice of the intention to propose such a resolution. (f) „special resolution” means a resolution taken by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members of the company entitled to vote, in person or by proxy, at a general meeting of the company duly convened with full notice of the intention to propose such a resolution. PART II – INCORPORATION OF THE COMPANY. 2. Foundation of the Ugandan Law Society. A company called Uganda Law Society is established with perpetual succession and a common seal, with the power to sue and be sued on behalf of their company. 3. Objects. PART VI — MISCELLANEOUS. 15. General Meetings.

The Board shall hold a general meeting of the Corporation as soon as practicable after December 31 of each year and may call a general meeting of the Corporation at any other time at the discretion of the Board. 16. Request to call a general meeting. (1) Fifteen members of the Corporation may at any time request a general meeting by written notice on that behalf, signed by them and stating the purpose of the scheduled meeting and filed with the secretary of the Corporation, after which the board of directors shall call a corresponding general meeting of the Corporation. (2) If the Council does not call a general meeting in accordance with the requirement, which shall be called within thirty days of filing, the requesting members may call the general meeting themselves at any time within two months after the filing. 17. Vote. (1) In each general meeting of the company, each member present shall have one vote, and the chairman of that meeting shall also have one decisive vote. (2) A member who does not attend a general meeting may vote by proxy on any resolution passed before the general meeting in the manner and on the prescribed conditions. 18. The General Assembly shall act by a simple majority.

Except for purposes for which a special resolution is expressly required by this Act or by an ordinance issued on the basis of this Act, all resolutions of the Corporation shall be adopted by a simple majority at a general meeting. 19. Modification of decisions. No resolution of the Corporation at the General Meeting may be amended or repealed within nine months after the adoption of the resolution, except by a special resolution of the Corporation. 20. Summons and procedure. The manner in which general meetings of the Company are called and the procedure for general meetings have been prescribed or determined from time to time by the Board, as expressly provided for in §§ 15 to 19. 21.

Retention and use of the seal. The common seal of the Corporation shall be retained and used in such manner as the Board may determine from time to time. Protocol 22. The Board shall arrange and record appropriate minutes of all general meetings of the Company and all meetings of the Board and committees appointed by the Board, and make them available to any member of the Company at any time upon request.

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