Vietnam Legal Gambling

Are you in Vietnam and want to get involved in the game? Well, gambling in Vietnam is illegal and limited to all nationals. However, Vietnamese citizens can still play at online casinos registered by foreign entities and jurisdictions. In this article, we will discuss Vietnam`s gambling laws and how they affect gamblers in Vietnam. Article 248 of the Vietnamese Penal Code provides for the first level of gambling offence. People who win or lose money or valuables between 2 million and 50 million dong through the game will have to pay no less than 5 million dong and no more than 50 million dong. They must also serve either a prison sentence of three to 36 months or a custodial reform of up to three years. An award-winning gambling company and casino are distinguished from each other by their scope of gambling activities, investment objectives, and capital. To put it simply, an award-winning gaming business (excluding table games) can be part of a five-star hotel with legal capital of up to VND500 billion (previously VND200 billion), while a casino requires the establishment of a tourist and entertainment complex, which usually includes businesses such as hotels, service areas, tourism, commerce, entertainment and convention centers, and has an investment capital of $2 billion. For gambling operators, they can be fined VND20 million to VND100 million or confiscate all or part of their assets.

According to Vietnam`s gambling regulations, perpetrators who violate any of the following cases are sentenced to five to ten years in prison: Gambling in any form can be addictive. Several countries have imposed betting bans to reduce gambling addiction. The same goes for Vietnam. Gambling in Vietnam is illegal. For many centuries, the country has made casinos inaccessible to its inhabitants. Nevertheless, many Vietnamese residents engage in various forms of gambling. Gambling is generally illegal in Vietnam, so there are not many casinos or gambling establishments in Vietnam. Fortunately, if you want to have fun trying your luck in casinos, you can always do it because the country is gradually opening up to more foreign investment and the rules of the game are more relaxed. See below how you can legally play in Vietnam and avoid scams while you`re at the casino. Playing at online casinos in Vietnam doesn`t have to be difficult. You can find foreign casinos that offer exemplary markets and betting opportunities for players. You will need to do your due diligence and check the licenses they hold, the casino`s fairness certifications, as well as the game providers the casino of your choice uses.

According to, here are the top ten online casinos in Vietnam that you can sign up for and start your gambling expedition. Until the end of the 20th century, the only legal gambling option was the lottery. Vietnamese who enter legally with valid passports or international travel documents issued by foreign competent authorities and a visa is valid; have full civilian capacity under Vietnamese law and willingly abide by the rules of the game and other provisions of Decree 121. The government is eager to keep things under control when it comes to gambling. The Ministry of Finance has issued regulations that ensure that all existing casinos in the country operate in accordance with the law, all transactions are properly recorded, and all taxes are paid immediately. Known as Decree Number 3, casinos must document all transactions and winnings and provide information. Existing casinos in Vietnam must also use lockable containers when transporting money from chests to gaming tables. No casino is allowed to exchange money while playing. All wallets must be monitored electronically, which is regularly submitted to the authorities.

Even though some online articles say that there are legitimate online betting or gambling sites in Vietnam, the truth is that there is no official document indicating the legitimacy of online gambling in Vietnam. You can indeed use your VPN to avoid getting caught playing online, there are no laws or regulations that can protect you from scams or hackers on these online platforms. Vietnam has strict rules and restrictions when it comes to gambling. Most forms of gambling in Vietnam are illegal. All gambling activities in Vietnam are taken very seriously. While this is an illegal activity, it has been happening for centuries, with most luxury casinos being attached to high-end hotels. However, they are only available to foreign passport holders. Even though it is possible to cross borders and visit Laos or Cambodia to play, the option is not always great for most people. Therefore, most people find comfort in online casinos. Vietnam.- The Vietnamese government has introduced a number of new rules to further regulate gambling with the country`s electronic slots, including rules for foreigners playing at local casinos, secondary betting, and illegal online gambling. Vietnamese lawmakers see a future where the country can embrace the game, not avoid it. As the idea of expanding the casino market continues to drive legislative discussions, legal sports betting is emerging.

There are some changes in the regulations on electronic games for foreigners after the adoption by the government of Decree No. 121/2021/ND-CP of December 27, 2021, which regulates the trade of award-winning electronic games for foreigners on the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam („Decree No. 121”) replaces Decree No. 86/2013/ND-CP of July 29, 2013, Decree 175/2016/ND-CP of 15. February 2017 and Decree 151/2018/ND-CP of 7 November 2018 (hereinafter collectively referred to as „Decree 86”). Decree 121 enters into force on 12 February 2022 and is described in detail by Circular 39/2022/TT-BTC („Circular 39”) of 24 June 2022 and Circular 09/2022/TT-NHNN („Circular 09”) of 12 July 2022. This article summarizes the notable changes that are having a significant impact on this business. To reduce gambling addiction, locals also have to pay an entrance fee of $1 million. An individual can benefit from a monthly pass for 25 million. It is also important to note that a Vietnamese citizen can only enjoy access to the casino for three years.

One. Be a professional fraudster;b. Illegal acquisition of VND 50,000,000 or more;c. use of the Internet, computer networks, telecommunications networks or electronic means to commit cheating crimes; d. Recidivism The rules for people allowed to participate in online gambling under the new rules are stricter than those of Decree 86, especially foreigners and foreigners Despite the general ban on gambling in Vietnam, many citizens still make illegal bets through bookmakers and clandestine operators, as well as international Casinos. One study found that from 2011 to 2015 alone, up to $13 billion was spent on lotteries and gambling abroad.

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