Who Can Fill Form 1A for Driving Licence

You can obtain a medical certificate issued by a state doctor or practitioner. You can download Form 1A and take it to the public hospital. However, in some states, the government has established certain restrictions, for example, RTO offices do not accept medical certificates from an Ayurvedic practitioner. The medical certificate may only be issued by a certified person in charge or an approved medical practitioner designated solely for that purpose. The responsible person may be a person from the state government or authorized personnel appointed on behalf of the state government. The signed medical certificate, along with other documents, must be presented to the RTO when applying for a driver`s licence. Finally, we can say that Form 1A of the RTO is a crucial document for applying for a driver`s licence. Applicants must submit this application with Form 1. Although a state-appointed licensed physician fulfills most of the clauses of this document, applicants provide personal data such as name and identifying marks. Don`t forget to include your current photo in the top right corner of the form. Form RTO 1A falls into the category of RTO forms for driver`s licences. Before obtaining a valid driver`s licence, each applicant must ensure their medical well-being. This is an additional form for RTO Form 1.

A certified physician appointed by the state government is authorized to sign Form 1A aka medical certificate. The Official Decree on the Issuance of Form 1A under the Motor Vehicle Act states: RTO Form 1A is the second application in the „driver`s licence” category. Applicants submit this document with Form 1 when applying for a driver`s licence. The state government will require a licensed physician to conduct a thorough medical examination of applicants before completing this application. The physician also verifies the information on Form 1 using this document. The following statements are made on Form 1A or RTO Medical Certificate: You can obtain a Certificate of Medical Fitness or Form 1-A from the RTO office or from Sarathi Parivahan`s website. All you have to do is present the form to an appropriate doctor who will perform the medical examination and then sign the medical certificate. To obtain a medical certificate of fitness for a driver`s license online, visit the parivahan.gov.in/parivahan//en/content/all-forms link. Download the form, take the print, fill it out, have it signed by the doctor and submit it to the RTO. Obtaining a driver`s licence from the RTO office involves a number of steps and a mandatory documentation process. One of the most important steps is the submission of RTO forms to the respective registration authority.

Form 1A must be submitted to the relevant RTO in the form of a medical certificate. Filing Form 1A of the RTO essentially means that the person is medically fit to drive a vehicle. You cannot get a driver`s license in India without presenting a medical certificate or Form 1A. Learn more about the OTR Form 1 and how to obtain a medical certificate for a driver`s licence. Below is a list of documents required to complete Form 1 This article will show you how to download Form RTO 1A in PDF format. In addition, we will discuss the different parts of this form and how to fill them out. You can also download the sample completed form below. Now, one by one, let`s dive deep into these processes. Once you have started your driver`s license application process, you can download your medical certificate online from the Parivahan Sarathi portal. Here are the steps to follow.

If you want to upload a blank medical certificate to provide it in offline mode, you can do so through the Parivahan portal. Let`s check the steps to download the blank form in PDF format. Form 1A consists of three parts – personal data accompanied by a photo, a declaration and a certificate of medical fitness. The applicant completes the first part, while a licensed medical practitioner certifies the second and third parts. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the form. There are two ways to download an RTO 1A form. On the one hand, you can download it when applying for a driver`s license on the Sarathi Sewa portal, on the other hand, you can download it from MoRTH websites. Let`s talk about the two step-by-step processes here. A medical certificate in itself is not a complete application.

You must submit it as proof with the driver`s licence application form. Here is the list of required documents as well as Form 1 A. To apply for a driving licence, a medical certificate must be presented to the competent registration authority together with the other documents. For a person over 50 years of age, they must provide a medical certificate on Form 1 of the RTO. In addition, if a person wishes to apply for a Class of Transportation Permit, it is mandatory to present a medical certificate against RTO Form 1A in order to obtain the permit. In general, it is necessary to submit a medical certificate or Form 1A to the RTO for each driver`s licence activity.

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